We woke early (6.30am) and had melon and pineapple that we had stored in the fridge for breakfast. A bell boy came to collect our suitcases at 7am and then we walked down to reception and paid the bill. While Sue waited for our taxi to arrive I went down to the internet room and wrote the previous day’s blog.

As soon as I returned, the taxi turned up. An hour later we were at the airport and had checked our baggage in without any problems. The airport was very quiet so we did some shopping before going through passport control. Sue bought a pearl bracelet for herself and some postcards. We had breakfast in MacDonald’s, looked ok but tasted of the usual cardboard. Afterwards we went through security into departures.

With only a few people around, we walked the full length of the concourse then sat down at the gate and waited half an hour then boarded the aircraft. The flight wasn’t full and we had a window seat. Breakfast was served and was indeed very tasty.

We landed in KL at 1pm. After a long, long walk to baggage our suitcases popped up straight away. As we entered the arrivals hall we were met by the taxi driver and he took us to the car. An hour later we arrived at the Park Royal Hotel. Within 15 minutes we had checked in and were having a well needed coffee in the room, sat in the window (9th floor) looking down on the monorail and KL skyline.

Around an hour later we picked up a map from the concierge, quickly decided to visit a Buddhist Craft Centre and tried the map out. It proved to accurate and easy to follow. Our route took us about half an hour, through very busy traffic. The Centre was made up of lots of little shops, some were air-conditioned (we lingered there) and some were not (we didn’t stay so long here). We chatted to some of the artists and Sue bought some silk Batik’s of flowers to give to Doreen next door. We had some lovely icy cold drinks in the cafeteria before leaving around 6pm to retrace out steps back to the hotel.

An hour later, after a shower and a change of clothes we went looking for a place to eat. We chose a Taiwanese restaurant because we had never eaten Taiwanese food before. I let the waiter choose something typically Taiwanese and for me and Sue chose her own. Both meals were very good and very filling. We walked over to Times Square which was opposite the hotel. It proved to be the largest Mall I have ever been too. It was 12 floors of wall to wall shops. Around 3000 outlets. We thought that Sarah and Charlotte would have loved it there! After wandering around a couple of floors to see what was what, we took a rather circuitous route back to the hotel. In one of the Plazas that we passed through Sue bought a toy from a street vender for Lucas. I can’t really explain what it does, but Suraj will love it, and we have four of them.

Back to the hotel and bed. I am afraid there are no photos as this computer does not take and SD card.

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