Down for breakfast at 7pm as we had a a city tour booked for the morning. Stuck to mainly European fayre (don’t want to upset the stomach) but the curried fish heads did look appetising.  Afterwards we waited for around 15 minutes in the Lobby before the mini-bus and around 10 other guests from the hotel turned up. I wasn’t expecting much from the tour, but it turned out to be informative and interesting. Our guide had a good sense of humour and knew his stuff. We stopped first at the National Malaysian Museum. Lots of interesting displays that we could easily have spent a couple of hours at our leisure wandering around (that’s the problem with guided tours). Sue had her photo taken with a snake around her neck. She has a fetish for things that are long and slim, ergh!

We next moved on to the New king’s Palace. Only been built 6 months ago at a very great cost. We watched the changing of the guard, they were on horseback and looked quite spectacular in their uniform. We stoppeWd long enough to take a lot of photos, but it was too hot and I was glad to get back into the air-con on the bus.

we moved from there to the War Memorial. It marked WW2 and the troubles the Malaysians had with the Communists. A very pretty place with great views over the city. Again, it was too hot and it was good to have a short stop at a cafe for ice-cold drinks before moving on.

Next stop was at the British Colonial area.

postoff.jpg (6932 bytes)sgorclub.jpg (10907 bytes)

The buildings were surrounding a large grassy field that they use to play rugby on (that grabbed my interest), before moving onto have a drink in a mock Tudor pub. How civilized.

Next was a visit to a Pewter factory. We had a talk on the history of the place, then a tour of the works and watched how various things were made. And at the end we went through the shop to have an opportunity to buy some. We did.

Selangor Pewter

We didn’t buy this!

Finally we stopped near the Petronas Towers for a few photos. As you have to book days in advance to up to the top, we decided we would give this attraction a miss. We were then dropped off at the hotel

After a cooling shower and a change we decided to trek to the KL Tower. It didn’t take long to walk to the base of the little hill it was on, but we were glad there was a free bus that took you up to the top. Once there we wandered around outs side, then on the inside, before wandering through the native village there and then having some more ice-cool drinks in the cafe. refreshed, we paid for our tickets and took the elevator to the top. The views as expected were very good. We took lots of photos , before descending and waiting for the bus down the hill. While we were waiting I chatted to Sarah on Skype and discovered Jamie has a new job (much closer to Harborough). We walked back to the hotel.

A shower, a change and we went out for our evening meal. We chose a Malayan restaurant. We both enjoyed our traditional Malaysian main courses, but we both had doubts about dessert. They started off ok, very nice and sweet, but further into then we discovered things like , maize and beans and probably other vegetables. Not to our liking, we won’t be ordering traditional Malaysian sweets again.

After another good evening meander through the streets of KL looking at the street vendors and the various legal and illegal businesses going on around us, we returned to hotel and sat in the lounge having drinks and listening to a pianist and singer, before retiring for the night.

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