Took the car key to reception for 9am and waited for the hire car rep. After 20 minutes he hadn’t come so I left the keys with the concierge and went back to the room. Sue and I walked to the Activity Centre as we had booked another session to see and feed the Orangutans as well as a canopy walk. The group that we were with was much larger and the apes were quite reluctant to come at first, but as the heat and humidity took its toll of guests and they left, the apes eventually came down. ImageImage

The canopy walk saw even less guests accompany us as the heat continued to take its toll. It wasn’t as long as the 3/4 of an hour as they predicted, and it was quite tame compared to most we have been on before, but it did afford one spectacular view over the beach that we would not have otherwise seen.


Afterwards we had a spot of lunch back in our room to cool off. During the afternoon Sue went to see them feed the baby Orangutan and I had a shower. During the afternoon we had a walk through the golf course and spotted a lizard that was around a metre and a half long. He ran away at a blistering pace, he left the mosquitoes behind as the attacked us with a vengeance and forced our retreat back to the Centre.

Early jn the evening we went to the cocktail bar for free cocktails during happy hour. Unfortunately we sat next to a couple from Birmingham that we had come across before. They were moaners and could anything to complain about, after half an hour of listening to what was wrong with life the hotel manage who was mixing with the guests, sat down to chat with us. They were in their element (poor man) and we quietly left them toImage it. It was quite a spectacular sunset. we had an early night as we fly to Kuala Lumpur early tomorrow.


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