Today we were determined to go to Koto Kinabalu to do some shopping so we set off early. Another bright, sunny and hot day, lucky that the car had air-con as I had forgotten to stipulate that when I booked it.


The Malayans drive on the left, like we do. They observe the traffic signs and signals, like we do. They drive quite sensibly (except those in Toyota Hi-Lux’s, of course) and we have only seen one accident, but it was a burnt out, upside down car that failed to see a roundabout. The locals were gathered around poking it so it can’t be a common sight, I do hope the occupants got out alive. I have learnt that when you pass a petrol station, you fill up. There are not many about and they are a long way in between.

We were heading for the promenade in the town. On the map it didn’t look very easy to find, but with only two turn-a-rounds we got there, dead easy. Loads of parking spaces and having checked with another driver that I could park there all day, we embarked on some sight seeing and shopping. A very hot day. We wandered all along the waterfrontImageImageImage

Having walked the full length of the markets, we found a shop that sold paintings and bought an oil painting of Mount Kinabulu. We then found an indoor Mall, and were relieved to discover it was air conditioned (heaven). In a cafe we had some lovely cold fruit slushy drinks, and then we had some more. Refreshed we went back into the market and looked for a pearl necklace for Sue. In the end she had one made and we also bought some pearl earings for Sarah and Charlotte.


On the way back to the car we passed a massage parlour, so I had a very nice foot massage and a severe foot scraping (they needed it). It was heaven, I do like a good foot massage, and it was like walking on air afterwards.

We drove to the Harbour and had a look at the boats going off to the islands. If we had enough time it was something that we would like to have done, as people say the islands are very beautiful.Image

We had an ice cream each, but it was a rush trying to eat them before they melted!!!

We drove around the bay and stopped off at one of the local beaches. We walked the full length, picking up shells for the collection that Lucas is going to start when we get home. As the afternoon wore on, more and more people turned up. It looked like late afternoon in the town meant off down to the beach with the family. How nice.


We drove back towards the hotel through the University Campus. It was very modern and looked a lovely place to study. As we passed through Tuaran we stopped and looked around the Pagoda and then wandered around the town looking for a place to eat that night. We picked a couple that looked promising. Sue found a craft shop, so we bought a wooden Buffalo there (not sure why, but it looks nice). After a nice chat with the owner (the shop, not the buffalo) we drove back to the hotel.


That night we returned to Tuaran and probably the best meal so far, and not because it was in an an air-conditioned restaurant. We were the only customers so had the individual attention of the owner who could speak very good English. The hotel was hosting a beauty pageant so when we got back, we popped into have a look at all the lovely ladies ( I wasn’t allowed to stay long). 


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