The meal last night was at a chinese restaurant about 10 minutes drive away from the hotel. The mosquitoes feasted well on Sue. Sue enjoyed her meal, but mine was quite disappointing, if there hadn’t been a language barrier, it would have gone back, but I ate it. Surprisingly the lemonless, lemon chicken and rice caused no aftermath repercussions, so I guess it must have been better than I thought.

We had been invited to travel to the north of the island with one of the hotel receptionists and her boyfriend, but we declined the offer as politely as we could as we thought that the things we found interesting would be of no interest to them and we didn’t want to impose on their good nature. The following morning we visited a crocodile farm. It was scorching hot, so any movement that required any pace was accompanied by a lot of sweat. Wisely crocodiles do not move a lot, but when they do it is fast! When we tossed bits of chicken at them, they were like lightning. I have seen crocodiles before but these were big, easily twice the length of a grown man and had evil eyes to boot. We watched a show where some expendable Malayans, did various things that a sane person wouldn’t do; lying on them, picking them up, putting first a hand inside a Croc’s mouth and then finally his head. Mad.


We were also treated to some Malayan traditional dancing, as well as feeding turtles, ostriches and some otters with live fish (we said sorry to the fish first, they forgave us).


After seeing everything there was to see, we set off to go to Koto Belud. No particular reason why, only that it looked a nice place to got to. We were wrong. Firstly, we go lost. Stopping among paddy fields I asked a very nice lady who was sat in her car if she knew where it was. Luckily she did and half an hour later we were there. I had also asked her if their was any nice restaurants there, and she said yes, lots. She lied.We were stopped as we entered the town because some political activists were having a march. They were very colourful, we were spotted by them as they went by, they were a happy bunch and unlike back in the Uk they only threw smiles, honked horns and waved at us.


We parked the car and set off looking for a place to eat. What a rat hole the place is. There were lots of places to eat, but on close inspection you wouldn’t. Now as the family know, I am not fussy, but I drew the line in Koto Belud. We found a KFC, yes a KFC. We had Colonel Sanders best chicken and rice, with a complimentary soup that defied explanation. Afterwards we found an open air market and wandered around looking at things and stuff, The place was so miserable that we decided to move on.

On the way back we spotted a sign saying ferry to island. We had tried to find it on the way to Koto Belud, but that was when we got lost. This time we found it. Very picturesque, but it was too late to take a boat anywhere so we followed the road and came to a beautiful bay with quite an isolated fishing village. By now we had gone off road and causing quite a few stares from the locals as we drove by.


We stood awhile and watched some village boys play footy until it started to get a little dark and began to drizzle. As we didn’t have a 4X4 and we were on mud tracks we drove back to a metalled road and eventuall found our way back to the hotel. After a shower and a change we drove to a Malaysian restaurant that someone had recommended (can’t remember who). It was quite popular with the locals, and they obviously didn’t have many europeans visiting it as we appeared to be the main topic of conversation among the other clients. The food was good, but simple, and they didn’t have any beer or even soft drinks, though the fruit juices were excellent. Afterwards we drove back to the hotel and to bed.


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