Woke up at 4am in the middle of a thunderstorm. Sue slept on!!! I woke again at 9.50am, panicked as the car was arriving at 10am. I got dressed and rushed downstairs leaving Sue in bed. The car arrived at 10.15am. Paper work done, I bought a map from the hotel shop and was back in the room for 10.40am. By 11.15am Sue and I were in the car on a nice sunny day, driving out through the golf course heading for a petrol station. Directions that the hotel desk had given were good as we were then in 10 minutes. Filled 3/4 of a tank for around 15 pound!!!

We had decided to go to Mount Kinabalu. As we drove through the foothills it started to drizzle, by the time we arrived at The Ranger Headquarters it was pouring down and we hadn’t seen anything of the scenery as it was shrouded in cloud. We drove along the park road, up the mountain as far as it is possible to go and it was still raining. There were lots of hikers, soaked and wandering off various paths and tracks. We drove back to the Ranger Station and had hot drinks and quite a nice Malaysian lunch with rice and stuff. We chatted to a British back packer who was cold and wet and had called in for a coffee. When she left to catch a bus to the hostel, we set off to find the track that went through the Botanical Gardens. The trail was shut but as we turned up, a japanese family also arrived and they opened up for us. Though it was still raining we had a look at all the plants that were growing there with help from the ranger as to what we were looking at. Wet but enjoyable.


We drove back, stopping off at  some craft shops to have a look, and I bought a T-shirt. Unlike the journey up. we got splendid views of the mountain and surrounding countryside on the way down. It looked like there had been no rain at all on the coast, it had been a nice sunny day.


Tonight we are off out to a Chinese restaurant.

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