The journey here was seamless but long. The journey down to Heathrow on Sunday afternoon was in a torrential downpour for most of the way. Magically it stopped as soon as we arrived at the Holiday Inn Heathrow. We checked in then went for a wander around the the High Street was right next to the hotel. We got back, had our sandwiches, then I went down into the bar to watch footy on the TV while Sue watched Antique Roadshow back in the room. Afterwards we watched Homeland and then went to sleep.

The following morning it was lovely and sunny and we got up at 10am (shocking!!!) We mooched around the hotel and checked out at noon. We had to park the car in a multi-story car park just across the road before boarding a bus to the airport (took 10 minutes). We ate the last of out sandwiches at around 1pm and then sat down ready for the long wait. With only one visit to the pub and one tour of the off-duty shops time slipped away and at 10pm we were on the plane and taxiing down the runway.


They fed us twice, provided lots of drinks and we both watched one film (Sue: We bought a zoo I: Hugo) we fell asleep before they finished and then we were there (11.3/4 hrs). Kuala Lumpur airport is very modern and very well laid out. Transiting was easy. We caught a train to cross the airport to get to the gate for the next flight to Sabah and a couple of hours later we were in the air again. The flight took 2hrs 20 mins with a nice meal and no wine! We landed at 9.20pm, went straight through immigration, our bags were one of the first off the belt and we were the first to be pulled aside by security to have them x-rayed! It took just a few minutes to scan them and we were on our way out of Arrivals. Much to the joy of our taxi driver we were the first out the door as He had a bet with the other drivers that his would be first. I don’t know what he won but he was happy.


The journey to the Hotel took around 45 minutes and went quickly. We had a gong bashing ceremony and drink to welcome us and  then we checked in. By midnight were were in our room. As our body clocks were askew, we were not tired so went for a walk around the grounds in the dark. We woke quite a few of the security officers up. The sand was white, the sea was warm and the temperature was just right. So we went to bed.

We got up at 8am, had coffee and bananas in the room and then met the Rep. at 10am. There two other couples at the meeting, but they weren’t very interested in booking trips etc. and left afte half an hour. Sue and I got the lady to book a car for us to get out and about, we pick it up tomorrow. We discovered that the Hotel is right next to thje conservation park, and that is where the orangutans are. We reserved a visit at 2pm that afternoon and also booked to see them again on Monday (with a tree top walk). I think I foolishly booked a night jungle hike for Saturday (I think Sue might get eaten alive) we shall have to wait and see. 

The orangutans were wonderful, We watched a video of their conservation before hand and then set off along a rainforest path to the feeding platform. We were rewarded with two 3 years old swinging down out of the canopy when food was put out for them. We watched, photoed and videoed them for an hour and a half. They were enchanting, so sweet and laid back, you could easily take one home with you. I bet they would be less trouble than Jamie? Afterwards we went to see one of the baby orangutans by the centre, he loved playing to his audience. Late that afternoon we went for a very long walk down the beach to the river and mangrove swamp (very, hot, sticky and tiring). Both Sue and I had a cool shower afterwards to recover. 


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