Ritya 7



100_4891Sunday ………. another day on the roof!
The ‘sun had put his hat on’ and shone warm and brightly until mid afternoon when thankfully clouds appeared on the horizon, slowly covered the entire sky then became thick and dark. Opinion varied as to the chances of rain, David thought it would, I thought it wouldn’t and Banjo wasn’t bothered. It didn’t.

The morning started with a protracted discussion on the length of rafters on the back of the house, the siting of the tiles, the position of the guttering and the location of the ridge tile. The house is not square and we are marrying our roof into that of the rest of the house so any mistakes at this point will have dire consequences for the shedding of water and how it looks. The safe way (Bulgarian) would be to whack the rafters grossly over length and to saw off (usually by chainsaw) to the required length. But that means a lot of precarious sawing at the top of a ladder over 15m off the ground and the result is always an uneven edge in which to attach the guttering. As we had squared off and levelled the beams we felt confident that we could fit cut the rafters to the right length before fitting. The location of the end of the rafter was important as this determined the position of the guttering and this had to tie in with the rest of the house. Once that had been decided we determined the position of the top lat as this was vital for the positioning and securing of the ridge tile. Once done we laid the tiles along two rafters to check that this was what was actually going to happen. It did. We then went on line and took the recommended measurements for the tiles, marked them onto a rafter and checked the positioning again. We were 2 mm out. Not bad over 2.56m and with around 1 cm play on each tile. We were chuffed. We worked the angle out for the cut at the end of the rafter to be perpendicular so that the guttering would fit level (30 degrees) and set the chop saw to this.

The rest of the time was spent cutting the rafters to our measurements and fitting them to the beams. Around midday Milen and his wife brought benitza for our lunch. It was very kind of them and we felt a little rude as we had started setting the rafters in place and didn’t want to stop (it was going well and we were on a roll). We didn’t let them stop and talk the afternoon away. Soon all the rafters were in place and pleasingly in line. While David cut the ends of the rafter on the front facing roof to the right angle on the apex I braced the rafters on the middle beam to stop any flexing. With that done, two smug Brits climbed down the ladder and called it a day.

We had fried eggs and viciously spiced potato wedges for our evening meal and afterwards chatted about the state of music education in Rotherham (I kid you not). With nether of us possessing a working watch I don’t know what time we crawled into bed.

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