Ritya 6



100_4881It was a Saturday and it was early. Banjo had been let out sometime around 5am (his trusty internal clock) and returned without disturbing my peaceful sleep and made himself a nest at the foot of the bed. The next disturbance was a cup of coffee made by David and his usual raspberry flatulence. Checking my watch for the time I found that it had died, the battery hadn’t been able to keep up with the pace of things and gone to battery heaven. A time less day was on the cards.

No Sevdolin for the next two days, David had decided (not through compassion or adherence to EEC working rules)) that our Bulgarian worker should have a couple of days off, but because we were about to enter the next critical phase on the roof. One thing I have become aware of is that whatever opinion we Angliski have of Bulgarian tradesmen and their ‘no problem’ solutions i.e. hit it with a chain saw or a lump hammer and nails, their opinion of our pedantic methods of insisting on thinking, measuring, marking out and the use of saws. screws, set squares and above all the spirit level annoys them to distraction and is beyond them as to why we bother. The thought of the occasional aside by Sevdolin asking as to why were are doing this or that, and his halting description of a quicker and better way has cost the Bulgarian nation a couple of days pay and ensured a distraction free day for us.

The day went well.

Banjo’s morning walk under warm blue skies proved fruitful as my haul of fallen breakfast walnuts more than replenished my stock recently reduced by the thieving Milen. On return and after a coffee and chat we set about our tasks. The rafters on the front were measured, set square, levelled and fixed permanently in place at a regular 46cm (exactly) along the roof.

Lunch was short, consisting of just a lump of cheese some pate and bread and no beer.

The afternoon proved as productive as the morning with the beams at the back of the house levelled off and the distances between them set as standard and some now redundant woodwork cut off. As we were about to move more rafters up to the roof to set them in place the light failed us and we put the tools away under cover. Then on return to ground zero we folded up the large sheets of plastic sheets from a couple of nights before into rolls that could easily be transported up onto the roof if needed. It was 8pm.

We were tired and not in the least hungry so the evening meal was a bowl of salty Bulgarian cup a soup and some bread. The rest of the evening was spent on me creating an Excel spread sheet with David to input the costs of the project. With that done and present costs inputted the beds beckoned.

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