Ritya 9


100_4919No Sevdolin today. We woke at 9am to a very windy day. By the time we were on the roof it was 11am.

Most of my day was mortaring the end bricks at the gable end to bring it in line with the top of the beams in readiness for the lats to sit on it. That meant the hated job of mixing the moratar then lugging it up the ladder in a tub that seemed to get heavier the higher I went. Prior to that I had scavanged old bricks from anywhere I could find them (that pleased Banjo as he got an extra walk). Then began the annoying task of chipping away at the bricks to make them fit then perching on top of the apex to fit and mortar. The gusts of wind made that job interesting. I completed the task about mid afternoon then moved to the opposite side of the roof and mortared in a few missing bricks.

David spent the time cutting wood and fitting them in the gaps between the rafters to make them sossal proof and then braced a couple of beams that we had not yet done.

We finished about the same time and stopped for lunch. I buttered a whole loaf and sliced 500g of cheese and chopped some cucumber while David picked and cleaned tomatoes from the garden. We had English sandwiches, washed down with a glass of Bulgarian beer.

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning the roof space in readiness for tiling. We removed all the tools to ground zero , David swept the rest of the small debri while I threw the larger stuff over the wall into the garden. We next brought a couple of insulating rolls and a roll of chicken wire up to the roof along with six lats. David cut and laid the insulation down the middle of the roof between rafters and I overlaid it with the wire. Next we laid out the six lats across the rafters with equal spaces between to make a walkway and nailed them in place. As we were doing this Milen surprised us by climbing the ladder and popped his head over the roof. He stayed only long enough to express his disapproval of what we were doing before disappearing back down the ladder.

With that job done we stopped for a coffee. Back up the roof with more lats we placed the tiles that were already up there, in situ on the bottom right hand corner of the roof. After a bit of adjusting we worked out how they fitted and what the line was likely to look like when they were all in place. Back down the ladder we observed our handiwork from the barn steps and smiled, “That’ll do donkey, that’ll do”.

I took Banjo for a walk and collected a whole bucket of walnuts blown down by the wind, I then sat on the wall shelling them and watching the sunset.

A pizza each followed by a bottle of beer and a film “The Revenge of Wyatt Earp” and bed.

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