Ritya 14

Another early start on a day that was promising rain, but turned out to be another scorcher.
100_4947The day didn’t go well, we should have completed the tiling of the roof but rather lost our way due to the heat and the lack of thought. The pace was inevitably slow and so were two sets of rather tired heads. David started well with his task of cutting/grinding the tiles to fit the two peaks of the small roof, but I could see through the clouds of dust that were rapidly turned him orange that h e was struggling. The problem was that this small roof is that it marries into the much larger one of the main house and has a different style of tile. Early on in the project we had made the decision not to replace the two connecting rafters as we had done elsewhere, on the grounds it would make the job of latting and tiling easier at the end. We were wrong. Two level and squared rafters would have made a big difference. We also failed to square off the roof at that side of the house and kept it in line with the wall. Unforgiveable, as we had squared and levelled everything else. Plus, we had no idea/experience of capping the new tiles.

As I couldn’t see a cloud enveloped (health hazard) David or get near him across a roof with increasing layers of red dust waiting to slide you down to ground zero, I left him to his mental torment and finished off the side of the roof at the other (safer) end of the house.

After lunch (cheese sandwiches and spicy sausage) we carried on. Halfway through the afternoon I had completed everything that could be done in every other location around the house and was forced to climb the ladder through the nuclear fallout up to David perched on his apex, looking desperate. Not surprisingly, nothing looked straight, so after discussion it was decided to straighten and heighten the offending beams with two new lengths of rafters. This we did, despite running out of 6 inch nails to secure them and sacrificing our last spare rafter, this meant that David would have to re-grind his tiles (he took it well, and abstained from throwing himself off the roof).

With our new tactic agreed and in operation I cut the wood and nailed it in place, and David ground the tiles and laid them. In no time they were all in place looking straight with only a few slightly wobbly ones. While he started to place and screw the caps over them I pulled out and replaced some of the old tiles that we had broken on the connecting roof through continually walking on them. The light defeated us again before all the caps were in place.
Later, two tangoed Brits showered , drove into Dryanovo to find our favoured eating place was shut, so we re-directed to Casa Volley and ate there. As we left the establishment it was raining. Tomorrow would show whether the missing laid caps were vital.

We got through watching half a film before tiredness kicked in and we hit the sack.

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