Ritya 13


Another crack of dawn start. It was forecast rain today and it did. Around 11am it began to spit, we were both on the roof, I laying lats over material on the small side roof and David on the apex grinding tiles. The shower lasted around 5 minutes and though gave us a minor soaking, the sun appeared straight afterwards and that was the end of any precipitation for the day.

We know what we have to do now to finish the job and are involved in little jobs that don’t require the both of us working together so little is said and we listen to the music on the hi-fi set upside, endless loops of ‘Tubular Bells’ and ‘Moody Blues’.

A couple of highlights was when David half disappeared into the loft through the material I had just laid and then soon after crashed through the huge pile of old rafters we had thrown over the side when he went to look at some woodworking I had done . On both occasions he had obviously hurt his legs but stoically he didn’t mention it and I to protect his pride didn’t refer to it.

For lunch David had last night’s pasta and I had some cheese sandwiches. Afterwards I wrote the previous days blog and as David had fallen asleep on the settee and Banjo was twitching asleep on my bed, I joined him.

I was the first to wake at 4.30pm. I made a coffee and then it was back on the roof. David was continuing to grind tiles and as they are a bright red colour he know looks as if he has been Tangoed. The roof tiles are now covered in a fine red dust making movement quite dangerous so we tend to move quite slowly across its surface.

Again the lack of light forced us off the roof leaving just the three roof connections to complete and lots of minor snagging. We showered then drove into Dryanovo for food at our now regular bar. The waiter even had a halting conversation with us this time. He informed us he had worked in Spain for 6 years.

On return to Ritya it was straight to bed.

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