100_4937100_4918With rain forecast in a couple of days we woke at dawn and worked on the roof until the failing light made hitting a nail a bit of a lottery.

The previous day had been so hot that David suggested that my bush hat didn’t have enough ventilation in it and lent me a better one that that he had spare. I placed mine on the wall outside the kitchen. This morning when I picked up my hat it had a very large hole in the crown. At first we suspected Banjo was the culprit but on loser inspection later that evening we now think it was sossals as there was not evidence of chewing just little teeth gnawing and eating.

I had a break during the afternoon when David went into Dryanovo to buy ridge tiles etc. I took Banjo for a long walk through the forest and collected half a bucket of walnuts in no time. On return I sat on the wall eating some of them with Banjo having the occasional small one, He is a smart little dog yet his walnut hunting skills are rubbish, he watches me pick them up but he ignores those that he passes and only pays attention when I crack one open and then I have have his full concentration. That’s why I only give him the little ones.

When David returned it was back up the ladder and tackling the myriad of jobs left to do. By the end of the day we had the whole of the back roof completed bar 3 ties in the furthest corner and the whole of front roof had been covered in material and 3/4 of it had been tiled. There was the ridge tiles still to be put in place and a couple of bits of facia board. We resolved to get up the following day and make and early start and go until the forecast rain or dark brings the proceedings to a halt.

I made a pasta bake with some spicy sausage for the evening meal washed down with a glass of beer. We watched “Rock Star” and re
tired to bed quite late.

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