Fiji 3

Another good nights sleep. I guess it must be the gentle movements of the ship that simulate the rocking of a crib that creates the ideal conditions for slumber. Perhaps when we return home it warrants moving our bed out to the pool to recreate the same conditions? On reflection, our cabin doesn’t suffer from falling leaves or bird splatter. Not such a good idea after all!



Breakfast was taken again in the Sapphire so we met a complete new set of passengers, all  Australian and all considerably older than ourselves and well travelled. During our conversations I mentioned that I had come across a passage in the Sydney Arts Museum which read, ‘Life is a book, not to travel is to read only one page.’ They agreed it was so true.

At 10am, with trepidation we attended a lecture on ‘Body Language’. We needn’t have worried, it was brilliant. Not only informative , but entertaining and at times quite disconcerting. Trying to sit for an hour and not exhibit some of the postures being discussed was quite difficult (I have never seen Sue so less fidgety before!). We shall attend the rest of the lectures in the series.

Afterwards I went to gym and b******d up the bones in my right foot, pounding away on the running machine, so I finished off on the rowing machine. If the ship sinks I will at least have had some practise. Sue went to a ‘Scrapbook Workshop’ but left early as she didn’t find it stimulating and after all, she was on holiday.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Taken with Lumia Selfie


Lunch was also taken in the Sapphire, though we rejected the waiter service and opted for the buffet table. Lucky me was on a table with 8 other Aussie women, and Sue.

At 2pm we went down to Deck 2 where there was a full size ice-rink. It is the only ship in the world to have one and it is completely mad. However, besides giving you the opportunity to skate they can put on superb ice-shows as we witnessed today. What a surprise, the large cast of skaters were all medallists in one world competition or another and they were obviously very good. Sue queued up at 9am this morning to get tickets, though there are 5 shows over the cruise, there is limited seating. Some of the dancing was stunningly beautiful.


Sue spent the rest of the afternoon on the deck getting started on her book. I took a nap (to rest my foot).

We changed informally for dinner early as we were keen to watch the Australian Beatles in the large theatre beforehand. They were marvellous. Having never seen the Beatles in concert the show they put on seemed as authentic as it could be. They performed their early songs in the teddy boy suits that they used to wear and in the second half they changed into Sgt. Pepper outfits. Singing along with Hey Jude was brilliant.


After the evening meal we moved onto the the cafe on Deck 5 for coffees before returning to the theatre at 10.45pm for an adult comedy show by the Turkish comedian Habib, we had see a few days ago. His material was very adult, some of which we didn’t understand, but great fun and loads of laughs. I learnt that sick is a positive phrase, meaning good. Strange.

We hit the sack just after midnight.

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