Favalosa Seven

Favalosa Seven
We were due to dock into Forteleza at noon today, so we could afford to have a late breakfast. We ate in the restaurant at the rear of the ship at 9am. According to he ship’s daily newspaper (Today) excursions and passengers were able to disembark at 1pm. We were planning to make our way into the city to do some shopping and use up the Brazillian Rias we had left (Rs160).

On the return journey to our cabin we purchased a couple of return tickets (by shuttle bus) to the city centre from one of the automated machines on board. A couple of maintenance guys were working in our shower as we entered our cabin and they beat a hasty retreat to come back later (which they did). Our cabin steward must have reported that the shower did not drain away quickly enough, but it seemed ok to us. Now we have a brand new unit and curtain etc.
m (9)

m (7)

m (8)

We had a lay in the sun for a while on the top deck, but it got too hot and we retired back to the cabin. I checked my emails and found out that it was snowing heavily back in the UK, so I fired off a photo of an island we had visited the previous day (for a bit of a tease) to the family.

We moved to the libarary and read our books for a while before having a light lunch and then watched the ship dock.

1 pm found us in the corridor on Deck 0, ready to disembark. At 1.40 pm we were still in the corridor along with a great many other passengers, squashed in like sardines, and with the elevators bringing in even more surprised would be travelers every couple of minutes. The heat rose, people were wilting (some had to leave) and there was no communication as to why the delay, until in Italian, an announcement was made. The reaction from the Italian contingent was to bay loudly, speak angrily and rapidly, gesticulating with open arms to each other and then file out to leave. What little Italian I have gave me to understand that because of something in the sea, some thing was not possible, so we left as well. In the corridor on the way back to our cabin it was announced in English that because of the sea conditions it was too dangerous to disembark the ship, so all excursions were cancelled and we would be making our way to Tenerife a.s.a.p. (everyone was to be re-imbursed).
m (5)

m (4)

To console ourselves we resorted to going to the restaurant and feeding (again), shocking isn’t it? Afterwards, feeling guilty we took another turn around the decks to lose the calories we had just taken on board. As the ship left harbour, thoroughly exhausted, we returned to the library and read our books (it is a hard life being a mariner).

Later on in the afternoon we went for coffee and I had several panini, which was several too many. We went on deck to watch the sunset again, but as we were now heading out into the Atlantic (2370 miles to Tenerife), it proved unremarkable as there was no land or even cloud features to frame it against. We did take the binoculars and marveled at a very small lone yacht rising and falling through the waves in the distance, made us think of how brave those early explorers were to venture out into such a vast ocean (over the next six days we were going to find out, how vast!)

We changed for the evening meal and were stood at the door to the restaurant a good 10 minutes before they were due to open. The plan worked as we were in our seats before our other diners arrived and ‘Mr Old Spice’ was comfortably seated at the far end of the table. Phew!
h (17)

h (16)

The entertainment in the theatre tonight was excellent. It was Italian dance, costume drama and music at its best. it would have graced any West End theatre. The show was titled ‘The Enchanted Castle’, the choreography and music matched perfectly. Brilliant show I could watch it time and time again, a shame we shall see it only once.

We cross a time zone tonight so the clocks have to go one hour forward.

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