Favalosa Five

Favalosa Five
Mother’s Day. Woke up late (8 am) and Sue opened the cards (and presents) from Charlotte and Sarah that I have been carrying in my suitcase. I don’t know why I kept them hidden all this time as Sue confessed she knew exactly where they were all the time. Is nothing sacred in this world?

We chose to have breakfast in one of the posher restaurants at the rear of the ship, which meant a long walk. We had a table to our selves, but we were soon joined by a French couple and then later an Italian couple. We chatted to the French as the lady could speak English, but the Italians remained quiet. There was a lot more of the sweet pastries at this restaurant, hence I guess the large number of French diners, but I did find a little nugget. Stilton, yes, English Stilton cheese, I shall be returning.

The boat was due to dock at noon in Maceio, so we watched the manoeuvres on Deck 12 at the very top of the ship. When she was securely moored we descended to Deck 5 which was the meeting point for our excursion to the lagoons.
After having the obligatory sticker firmly placed onto t-shirts, we left the boat and travelled by coach some 35 km to where we were to catch a small boat. We were accompanied by an English speaking guide who narrated a few facts about living in the area and prepared us for what we would see.
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We passed around and over some of the lagoons on the way to a little cafe situated on the edge of a very large one. It had three little catamarans moored to it. We boarded one and after a short wait we serenely cut our way through the lagoons towards the sea. The catamaran was beached on a spit of brilliant white sand that separated the fresh water lagoon from the sea. As we stepped onto the beach we were warned that the sea was not safe and to swim in the lagoon. You can guess where we went. The sea was lovely and warm and it was great fun splashing through the waves. Just before our departure time we moved into the lagoon. The water was even warmer, but the calm, still waters were quite geriatric.
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We retraced our journey back to the bus and then to the ship. We arrived just in time to catch some fresh baked pizzas and a mugs of coffee.

The evening meal was taken with the Manchester couple as the Dorset couple were eating in one of the other restaurants. The Mancunians were celebrating the fact that his lost suitcase had arrived (after being lost in transit for over a week) and he could at last wear some different clothes. While we were chatting at the table, they mentioned that they had been to a beach near where we had been and there were huge signs warning you about sharks, and to stay out of the water. Things began to fall into place. As I was out in the deep water, a coastguard had driven up on a quad and shouted for me to get into shallower water, at that moment I noticed a few fish leap out of the water on the wave that was bearing down on me. I took the wave and body surfed to the shore, thinking “health and safety even in Brazil!’, does he think I can’t swim? Perhaps there was more in that wave than just water.

The evening entertainment was a dance medley of the customs and culture of South America. Very colourful and energetic, though the music co-ordinator had problems synchronizing the start of each dance. Never-the-less the show was very entertaining, but I didn’t understand any of it (probably won’t be the last time).

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