Vaccine II

03/05/21 MAY BANK HOLIDAY – UK Deaths: 1. Harborough Infected: 14. The number of Covid-19 vaccines given out across the UK has passed 50 million.

After a better night, poorly Alice seemed much brighter when we made a video call to the family during the evening. It seems she is well on the way to being her usual smiley self.

As is typical on a Bank Holiday, the weather turns foul!!! Today started dry and cold, then the wind and rain duly arrived late morning to spoil any intended outdoor activities. However, I managed to complete my bike ride in the dry, and Sue win her U3A Petanque competition before the weather witches cast their spell (yes, she did win again.)

Last night Jamie travelled down to London with his friend Tommy before having a very sumptuous dinner in the Oxo Tower Restaurant. Today they managed a spot of sightseeing, discovering that the River Thames has a small beach. Later in the day he joined up with Ruth and Joey and travelled to the Snow-dome in Tamworth to snowboard.

04/05/21 UK Deaths: 4. Harborough Infected: 14.

Early morning was another U3A ramble for Sue in the Langtons, and an extra-long cycle ride for me. I managed to arrive home first at midday to discover

Charlotte taking a much-needed break in the kitchen, before starting work again in the afternoon. Unfortunately, she had left by the time Sue arrived home.

During the afternoon I potted on some more Cape Gooseberries, then helped our neighbour start to replace the fencing between our properties. Little Alice seems to be improving rapidly and managed a smile for Messenger.

05/05/21 UK Deaths: 27. Harborough Infected: 12. India’s official count of corona-virus cases surpassed 20 million, while deaths officially have passed 220,000. The true numbers are believed to be far higher. India’s neighbours close their borders. UK tourists who visit Gibraltar will not be required to take corona-virus tests when foreign holidays resume.
On a very turbulent afternoon, today’s U3A ramble for Sue was centered around Braybrook. Luckily, apart from a brief hailstone squall, the group managed to dodge the frequent showers. I spent the morning hoeing weeds around the vegetables and riskily planted a few sweetcorn, before spending the afternoon helping the neighbour again with his fencing.

06/05/21 UK Deaths: 13. Harborough Infected: 11. India’s entire delegation to the G7 summit in London is self-isolating after two of its members tested positive for Covid-19. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the Indian governments’ ability to successfully tackle a pandemic currently ravaging their citizens, but it goes a long way to explaining why the country has been hit so hard. Joe Biden’s administration supports waiving intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines. I somehow couldn’t imagine Donald Trump’s administration ever sanctioning such a humanitarian move. It remains to be seen whether Congress will support this morally right-minded initiative.

Today Sue and I exercised our democratic rights and voted for our local Councillor and Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire. Gauging by the numbers of people we saw at the polling station, unlike on previous occasions, there didn’t seem many doing like-wise. Maybe voters don’t want to risk infection in such a public space, or perhaps they have just become disillusioned by politicians, I can’t think why!

The topic of discussion within the family today was the school regime of washing hands. Poor Ellis has very chapped and sore hands through having to constantly wash them after each activity. Besides the frequency, the quality of the soap and hand sanitizer has been questioned (in-depth).

07/05/21 UK Deaths: 15. Harborough Infected: 9. European Union leaders cranked up their criticism of the U.S. call to waive COVID-19 vaccine patents. How on Earth does the EU think this is not a good idea? If their leaders were chickens, they would be headless!

Today was quite significant. Firstly, it was election day, and more importantly, vaccination day. I was originally scheduled for an 8.30 am injection and Sue for 9.20 am, however after a phone call from the surgery, due to late delivery of vaccine, my slot was changed to 9.10 am. In any event, neither of us was delayed and was jabbed straight away. We were both home by 9.30 am, rubbing slightly sore arms. Unfortunately for Sue, her arm became quite painful during the evening.

Sue took it easy and spent the rest of what turned out to be a pleasant day researching her family history back to the 1300s and I worked in the greenhouse and mowed the lawns.

08/05/21 UK Deaths: 5. Harborough Infected: 8. The Government has unveiled a list of 12 countries or territories which are on its green list for quarantine-free travel from May 17: Portugal, Gibraltar, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and the Falklands.

Ellis’s and Harry’s indoor day.

A wet and windy day. As with her last vaccination, Sue spent a restless night and woke to feel fairly unwell, by the evening she was feeling a little better.

After last season’s bumper crop of shallots, we have quite a surplus, so what better task to occupy oneself on a miserable indoor day than to make more of the splendid pickled onions that we are rapidly running out of.

09/05/21 UK Deaths: 2. Harborough Infected: 8. A third of UK adults are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. In the news today: A British woman claims she has been abducted by aliens 52 times – and has the bruises to prove it. Ms Sturgeon told supporters the result proved a second independence vote was the “will of the country” and said any Westminster politician who stood in the way was “picking a fight with the democratic wishes of the Scottish people”. It is difficult to gauge which is more delusional?

A milder and drier day than for quite a while. During the afternoon, Sue made a visit to Charlotte’s to take some chocolates for the boys and also some pens she had bought for Lucas’s schoolwork. She hasn’t visited for quite a while and was eager to put that right.

I have been researching a past relative in our family tree and decided to ring Aunt Josie to let her know what I had found. (She had previously related an intriguing story of a chance meeting with a possible unknown family member when she was 16yrs old). Our conversation sparked further research into other ancestors and finished with a promise to spend some time interrogating the tree together when I next visit.

Today we arranged to meet up with Philippa and Paul to exchange Christmas and birthday presents in Tenbury Wells. Covid 19 constraints have prevented this from happening at the appropriate times, but with travel restrictions now being eased, we have booked a hotel stay and will combine this with a visit to see a family friend, Sheila.

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