What do zombies want?

Ellis is on his way to school.

07/12/20 UK deaths: 189.  Current Market Harborough infections: 226.  Down from last week: 222. Hospitals in the UK are getting ready to begin vaccinating those over 80, front-line health staff and care, home workers, tomorrow.

The temperature hovered around 0C all day. While I froze fingers delivering Christmas cards to friends and neighbours on my morning cycle, Sue played petanque with her U3A group (and won, again!).

If it wasn’t for this damned pandemic I probably wouldn’t have put much thought into the shenanigans happening in the USA, but its recent election and the chicanery and mendacity of its president have been a welcome diversion to the daily doom and gloom of infection rates and deaths in the UK (and closer). Yes, I know I compound this with depressing data on each day of this blog, so I will skip over that to an amusing line of thought I had this morning.

A few years ago I got (mildly) hooked on a series called ‘The Walking Dead‘. It is an American post-apocalyptic horror tale based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The story is simply about survivors of a zombie apocalypse, trying to stay alive under near-constant threat of attacks from zombies, colloquially known as “walkers”. It was probably this morning’s news of Rudy Giuliani catching Covid-19 that triggered my train of thought and his request to a woman testifying at a panel on election fraud to remove her mask, four days before his positive Covid test was confirmed. Why did he do that I thought? Then like a light bulb switched on, I realised what his game was.

The real question is, are Trump supporters alive? Recent events seem to have more than a passing resemblance to the popular horror series that first meets the eye. Let’s consider the evidence:

  1. The ‘undead’ and ‘Trumpkins‘ seem to share the same mindless dedication to one thought; seek and convert others to the cause, regardless of reason, debate or the right to ‘think differently.
  2. They stumble through life inarticulately seeking deliverance from events they cannot comprehend, driven on by an insatiable desire to destroy individuality through blind conformity and obedience. Trump quote: Covid-19 affects ‘virtually nobody’. Well, a zombie would say that, wouldn’t they?
  3. Both reject the mask of life, preferring instead to wear their badge of morbidity without concealment.
  4. Trumpkins /zombies are easily destroyed by an assault on the brain. The minor difference is, that one is effectively delivered by an axe, the other by a dictionary. I will leave it to the reader to decide which applies to which.
  5. Both seek to destroy civilisation, devouring and casting aside those that protect its diversity, honesty and democracy with their lust for power.
  6. Both species probably have their origins in Russia.
  7. ARE we sure that 74 yr old Donald really did survive a virus that we are told is most effective in those over 70 yrs of age? Or, was he undead already?
  8. Do we believe the dark-coloured liquid seen oozing from attorney Rudy Guiliani’s head on the very day the election was called for Biden, is hair dye? Could it have been brain juice?
  9. Can it truly be incompetence by the leadership of the richest and most advanced nation on the planet to suffer the greatest pandemic death toll: USA – 288 906 with a population of 328M,  India  (one of the poorest) – 142 994 with a population of 1.353B. Or, is this by design?
  10. And finally,  It takes one to know one. Is there no hope for the US?

So there you have it. Conclusive proof in the best Trumpian style, Zombies ARE dead and well, staggering in the USA: the Undead State of America.

At this point, I toyed with the idea of including a Poll (Trumpkins are zombies YES/NO). But with probable calls for a recount and accompanying litigation, I have decided to let sleeping wraiths lie.

(Do click on the above links for further  amusing information)

08/12/20 UK deaths: 616.  Current Market Harborough infections: 201.  Down from the last week:202. Grandmother Margaret Keenan, 90, has become the first person in the world to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine jab as part of a vaccination programme.

Sue spent a frosty morning with a U3A walking group rambling in the countryside around Kibworth and Smeeton Westerby while I waited at home in vain for a parcel for Jamie. Yesterday, there was an attempted delivery while Sue and I were out, we know because the courier was photographed by the house cameras. However, today the courier failed to turn up and naughtily checked into his office, professing no one was at home. I and cameras do not lie. It is now scheduled for tomorrow, I look forward to our meeting.

How gorgeous are these photos of Alice?

09/12/20 UK deaths: 533.  Current Market Harborough infections: 375.  Down from last week:14.

Two NHS staff members who received the jab on Tuesday had allergic reactions. Allergic reactions to vaccines are “not unexpected”, scientists have said as they set to reassure the public about the safety of the new Covid-19 vaccine.

Another chilly day. Sue rambled again, this time her group followed the Fleckney Millennium Walk. The conditions were muddy and on return, she looked as if she had been fighting on the Somme, but professed she enjoyed the day. I waited again for Jamie’s parcel which eventually came after lunch, in the meantime I had washed Sue’s car (she was using mine) and cut up some pruning from the large apple tree. Jamie arrived early evening to pick up the present which we discovered was for Ruth (lucky girl!)

One of the large elm trees on the river bank by the drive is rotten and in danger of falling into the river, today a couple of tree surgeons spent much of the day cutting it down. Our pet pheasant wasn’t very impressed as their presence prevented him from having lunch which I had scattered under the Scots Pine by the lounge. Last night one of the cameras caught a fox scoffing one of the fat balls that I put out for the birds.

10/12/20 UK deaths: 516.  Current Market Harborough infections: 381.  UP from last week 117.

Today is Lucas’s 14th birthday, unfortunately with restrictions, it’s the first time we haven’t been able to celebrate a birthday with him.

On a cool, damp day, Sue went with the U3A Nature Group to Sywell Country Park to see the wildlife. Unfortunately, the woods were out of commission as they were undergoing renovation. The group had to satisfy themselves by spotting water-based wildlife from a track around the lake.

On my morning bike ride, I encountered a stray bullock on the towpath section between Great Bowden and Harborough. He seemed friendly, so I spent some time asking him where he had come from, and where he thought he was going. I got little reaction other than an occasional request to mooooove on, which I eventually did. He took a liking to me and trotted obediently behind for around a mile and a half. Further down the canal we encountered several couples out for their morning stroll, I felt obliged to explain that though it appeared so, he didn’t belong to me, but he was friendly but a little limited in conversation. Hoping he would stay with them, I sped off only to be stalked again. Eventually, I managed to put some distance between us when he tarried to munch some grass. Leaving the towpath I curtailed my route and headed into town and the Police station. I described my stalker and location and left the matter in their capable hands.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with my leafblower, collecting the last of the leaves from the driveway and garden. Mr Cow did not make any further appearances, though Jim and Bridget stopped by to drop off their Christmas card.

11/12/20 UK deaths: 424.  Current Market Harborough infections: 380.  UP from last week 140. Quarantine for contacts of a positive coronavirus case, and travellers to the UK, is to be reduced from two weeks to 10 days.

A quiet day at Willow Bank. We had a visit during the night from Mr Badger and Ellis won a term achievement award at school (grandparents are very proud of him).

12/12/20 UK deaths: 519.  Current Market Harborough infections: 370.  UP from last week 119. The US saw a record 3,309 people killed by Covid-19 on the most lethal day of the pandemic as the newly-approved vaccine was hailed as a “monumental moment.”

Another damp miserable day saw Sue and I stay close to the wood burner all day. Jamie and Ruth are in London over the weekend on FX Learning business.  Santa Claus and friends came to visit Alice and delivered some treats. Sarah and Lee caught up to date (after several years) filling in a giant wall world map of their travels. They still have a  few continents yet to visit, I hope that when this present virus has run its course they have the chance to fill in the gaps.

Cuddles in Newbold Verdon

13/12/20 UK deaths: 144.  Current Market Harborough infections: 376.  UP from last week 145.

Last night I listened to a programme (The Science Hour) on the BBC World Service on the spread of Covid-19 in the Amazon. I was surprised to discover that the virus has infected 76% of the population of Manaus, the first death in the city being on March 16th. Sue and I were in Manaus at the end of January for a couple of days.  At the time we were aware of a problem with a virus on a cruise ship off the coast of Japan but gave little thought to it. I am wondering whether the bug was on board with us, the ship was undergoing a strict cleaning regime, the onboard hospital was full of patients suffering from coughs and temperature, and there had been several deaths on board. Did we bring the virus to Manaus? Makes me think!

Today it rained and rained and rained, so for the second in a row we remained firmly inside. Sue made Sunday lunch and I caught up with news from friends on the telephone. The rest of the family completed a Christmas quiz on Messenger and Sarah met Chloe in Nottingham to swap Christmas presents.

QUOTE: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

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