Living in Lockdown – 30

01/06/20 The number of people who have died in the UK  has increased by 111. Health experts have warned that the UK is not prepared for a second wave of the virus and that the new meet-up rules are “not supported by the science”. For the first time in two months, Spain has reported no new deaths from corona-virus. The original target was to start welcoming visitors at the end of June, but Spain’s borders are now likely to be opened well before the month is over. The original target to  welcome visitors at the end of June, is now likely to be moved to  well before the month is over.

Having spent the night in hospital, around 3am Sarah went into active labour and was waiting for checks to be completed. When contractions began occurring every 7 minutes she moved into the Delivery Suite. Appropriately, her mid-wife has the same name, Sarah Jane Price!!! How weird is that? By 5pm the contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes and she was dilated 7cm. As of 9pm we are still awaiting the arrival of baby Price.

Canooodling in the canal!

Keeping cool in the Welland.

Officially, May was the sunniest month on record and the first day of June started off in the same vein. Again, Mia accompanied me on early morning watering duties and then we took ‘Mr. Squeaky’ ball for a run in the Park. Charlotte, Ellis and Harry arrived mid-morning to pick-up the canoe, as before I helped to launch it into the canal. While they had fun on the water, I took Mia and Harry for a walk to Lubenham and back, the two dogs managed to have their own fun in the water and cool off at the same time.

As we arrived back at Willow Bank, Jamie was just leaving. He had managed to persuade his mother to make him some sandwiches for his lunch! Unsurprisingly, he had lost his bank cards and is destitute until he is sent new ones, hence he couldn’t buy his usual supermarket lunch pack, so he resorted to a tried and trusted Plan B, his mum. A short while later I picked up the canoe from the canal and Charlotte took charge of a rather hot Harry and drove home. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking Mia and mooching around the garden, Sue stayed inside, staying cool, attacking one of the new jigsaws she has acquired. Early evening I began to construct the outdoor clock that I had promised Sarah some time ago, I had completed the frame and face by the time it got too dark to see accurately.

I will update this blog during the night if baby Price arrives before breakfast.





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