Savona – Nice – Gatwick – Harborough

Last night we packed and left our suitcases at 11pm outside the cabin in readiness for the ‘Luggage Fairy’ to spirit them away. We were supposed to vacate the cabin by 8am which meant an early breakfast with a 7am wake-up.

We expected breakfast to be very busy but we had no trouble finding a seat and were soon joined by a Swedish couple who we had spoken to several times over this last month. With the last of the ship’s fayre taken on board we returned to our cabin to collect our rucksacks, watch a bit of BBC World News and then do a last check of belongings.

We had a last circuit of Deck 11before descending to our meeting point for disembarkation on Deck 9. As soon as we had settled into our seats Aylo turned up to say goodbye. He had thought he had lost his wallet in Eilat and had cancelled all his cards, this morning he found it under his bed. Easily done, I guess. It was nice he took the time to find us and wish us Bon Voyage.


We were called early to board the bus and passing through the check-out facility we noticed our suitcases, we had been told they would be on the bus. We grabbed them and made our way to the coach and boarded. Looking through our window seat there seemed to be a bit of chaos outside as most passengers believed that the cases would be sorted for them. Our bus left on time.


Savona to Nice is a lovely route, all the way along the coast with mountains most of the way on our right side. It was a dismal cloudy day, but as we passed Monte Carlo the sun came out and by the time we arrived at the airport I was regretting I had put on my fleece.

We had quite a wait before we could check in for our 4pm flight, not helped by the fact there was no bar. However the WiFi was fast and helped pass the time. Sue read her book. When we eventually did check in and navigate ourselves through the very severe security we found a lovely comfortable bar and sat on a sofa with refreshments and occupied ourselves reading and surfing. Sue noticed that as we sat and lounged, there was a small team of photographers flitting about the bar and restaurant clandestinely photographing us. We supposed it was for a promotional pamphlet for the airport or something similar. However, I do believe they are looking for a new James Bond and Mrs Moneypenny so it could be the start of a new career?


The BA flight left on time and after complimentary cheese and pickle sandwiches and drinks we were soon on our approach to Gatwick through rain clouds. Our suitcases were among the first off the belt and after finding our carpark shuttle bus we weren’t long in picking up the keys to the Fiesta. The dash to put the suitcases in the car was under cold, stinging hailstones and was most unpleasant!

The drive back to Harborough was the usual stop start on the M25, but we made good progress and did it in the time that TomTom predicted. We drove through a snow shower in Northampton, brrrrrr!

Stopping to pick up milk in the Spa it was; heating on, kettle on and then looking through the mountain of mail. By 11pm we had unpacked, opened mail and Sue (believe it or not) had the washing machine turning over with a full load.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The bed was cold! As the next break is Iceland, it is good practice.

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