With the clocks going forward one hour we were unlikely to have a lie in and it proved so. Those who had booked excursions were up and about rattling doors and talking in corridors thus ensuring that those not on a trip were awake.

Peeling back the blinds we were surprised that we were sharing our anchorage with another cruise ship, the MSC  Fantasia. Katakolon is only a small village that was originally the sea connection for Olympia, but today is just a small cluster of  tourist shops, restaurants and private holiday homes.


For the first time there was thick cloud and drizzle. Despite this, after breakfast we put on our raincoats and wielding umbrellas we joined other hardy souls and ventured out.

The plan was to walk along the beach until we had seen enough and then return to the village and look at what the shops had to offer. As we hit the beach, miraculously the clouds peeled back revealing a sun that was determined to roast. Likewise, we peeled off the layers and continued with plan A.

We were joined by a large friendly dog who enjoyed our company and the ear fondling that went along with it. Sue kept an eye out for interesting shells and found several, I found half a dozen stranded starfish and saved their lives. Halfway around the bay we came across another amiable dog which scared our new friend and he beat a hasty retreat back home.

We tramped a little further before deciding to cut inland and follow the beach road back to the village. It was interesting to see the other side of the beach properties. Quite a few were up for sale. We came across many refuse bins in clusters along the roadside, piled high with garbage. It was obvious there had been no collections for many months. A sign of the austerity measures the Greeks are protesting about?

Returning to the beach we passed a bar with the proprietor just opening up, so we sat in the sun on the veranda watching fellow passengers pass by on their personal sandy treks. A few, on their return joined us to enjoy drinks and the view. As we were paying the bill it started to drizzle, so under umbrellas again, we ‘hit’ the shops.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Finding a few treasures (but with insufficient money) we returned briefly to the ship to get my wallet. After yet another Christmas tree bauble and a top for Sue we made our way back to our cabin and lunch. The sun had pushed away the clouds, the view from the restaurant, high up on the ship gave us a glimpse of the island of Kefalonia, which we were soon to pass after our departure at 2pm.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

We attended a quiz in the afternoon with Aylo and Mike. Afterwards we discussed the 3:2 victory over the Germans last night before I returned to the cabin and Sue went to join an Easter Egg hunt on the top deck. She joined me a short while later, disappointed that the hunt had been cancelled as it was too windy and the sea had become quite choppy making it tricky to move around. She left sometime later to watch a musical event in the Grand Bar incorporating all the musicians onboard. I was watching the Boat Race and stayed to see both the women’s and men’s races (I may have dozed a little).

The evening meal was formal so smart togs were dug out and brush and smellies applied. We ate late again and as expected there were few in the restaurant.  Champagne was served.

The show was a ventriloquist. He had the difficult task of performing to quite a lot of nationalities and he did it admirably. I should imagine it is difficult enough performing to an audience in one language, to raise laughter from us all was brilliant.

We have a sea day tomorrow and the clocks go back one hour so no hurry to get up. Bliss.

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