Sea Day 4

Four days of endless blue sea and hot blinding sun. Drinking water running low and only fish left to eat. No other sails or land in sight. The ever present danger of pirates. Young Tom the cabin boy took to his bed with fever and hasn’t been seen for days. When will this hell ever end?


As you have probably guessed, the ship has settled into a regular routine and our fellow passengers are becoming creatures of habit. For some it is eat, sunbathe, eat, sunbathe, eat, sunbathe, eat, bar, bed. For others it is eat, lecture, eat, activity, eat, activity, show, bar, bed. Each have their own variation and by and large stick to it throughout the day and the ship accommodates whatever combination you choose.

Those of us who search the daily magazine to see what combination of offerings we fancy, seem few in number. Yet the the one element of the day that all  participate in, is eating. Each meal is the one guarantee that you will be presented with something different, even if when selected,  it then, like Young Tom disappears!


What am I to write about today? We ate, we attended alecture, we read (I finished my book), I went to the gym and we watched a show. That’s it. Highlights were; watching a chef chop vegetables into different creatures, chatting to a German couple over dinner that Sue thought were lesbians (but I don’t know of such things), and listening to an excellent Argentinian guitarist who though looking like a young Maradonna, played Spanish guitar and was much more talented.

That’s it. Goodnight.

ps. Sue insists that I say that the lecture we attended on “Oman: The incense route, once upon a time….” was excellent.


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