Sea Day 1

A good night’s sleep. Sue awoke pronouncing that she is getting her sea legs at last, yet they look the same as they always have to me, perhaps it’s in all in the mind?

As this was ‘Mother’s Day’ back in the UK (unbelievably I had to remind Sue), she opened her cards before she got out of bed and expressed how wonderful the words and pictures were and then made me read them!


We took breakfast quite early as we wanted to attend the English, excursion trip seminar. There are 220 Brits on board, but at the meeting, there were less than a dozen. We sat next to a gentleman who turned out to be Dutch.  The speaker explained that the Brits don’t like to get up early, is that a polite way of saying lazy? The meeting was delivered well and informative. Unfortunately, the excursion to Jerusalem later on in the voyage had been cancelled due to the unrest going on in that country at present. After the meeting, as I hadn’t had the time to research the places we are visiting and book online our days off the boat, we quickly made our way to the ship’s Tour Office and booked a trip to Massada and the Dead Sea, before it got full up.

Afterwards, we had a coffee in one of the restaurants and got out the tour magazine and discussed what we were going to do at each of the ports outlined in the presentation. Returning to the Tour Office we first found the English rep’ from Reading and asked a few questions about the locations before booking an excursion in Oman and of course a visit to Petra in Jordan. We had decided that in the Seychelles we would get off the boat and ‘do our own thing’, we are quite good at that.

The next stop was the Library for Sue to continue her book while I attempted to get online with my Tablet. Frustrated by the lack of connection I went to reception and the techy-guy gave me the
shortcut that the crew used and it worked fine. I sent the blogs.

As it was lunchtime, we had heard about a more formal restaurant on board, the ‘Botticelli’ and decided to give it a try. We were shown to a table and were joined by another couple who turned out to be Swedish and of course, spoke English well. We got on famously, which was lucky as the service was pretty slow and the meal took 2 hours and would have taken longer if the Swedish lady hadn’t complained.


After lunch, Sue found a spot on the deck to read and I went to the gym which we had found earlier in the morning at the front of the ship. This time I was sensible and used the cycles and upper body stuff, giving the running machines a wide berth. I still have one of the urchin spines in my foot, but it hasn’t so far given me any problems and I don’t want to aggravate it before it works its way out or Sue has another dig at it.

Having showered, I found Sue still reading her book on the deck. On the previous ship, I would search for her without luck, as this ship is a lot smaller, and there are fewer places for her to hide, though she does have the advantage of being able to fit into small places. She had acquired ‘Scrabble’ from the library and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing. As I chalked up my first victory of the voyage we noticed that it was getting dark and that most passengers had left the deck, though quite a few were purposefully doing their deck circuits before the evening meal.  Sue suggested we do the same but on returning to the cabin she lay on the bed and fell asleep. Well, it is Mother’s Day.

When she woke up we changed and went for dinner in the buffet and then went to the Vienna Cabaret Lounge. The entertainment there was a brilliant Gospel and Tamla Motown quartet. Superb singing from the sixties and a few well-choreographed Gospel songs. Their version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah brought a tear to my eye, the first time that has happened (must be getting soft).

A turn around the deck followed with a prolonged stay at the stern watching the propeller wash recede into the dark and staring at the stars hoping to see a shooting star. We saw one.

Returning to our cabin we scanned through the channels of the TV to find the news channels and eventually settled on Al Jazeera (no BBC).

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