Oriana 3

Another good nights sleep, though the clocks did move on another hour. We were in ‘Alfresco’ for breakfast at 8am,  it naturally felt earlier.Another good nights sleep, though the clocks did move on another hour. We were in ‘Alfresco’ for breakfast at 8am,  it naturally felt earlier.
To shake out the cobwebs we had a turn around the deck before returning to the cabin to read the activities paper and  choosing what we were doing for the day. Sue opted for a port talk on Trondheim while I chose the next Bletchley Park lecture. During the morning Charlotte rang my mobile but I missed the call so I sent a text. The return text thankfully confirmed that she had called in error. A little later on I received a text fro Philippa wondering where we were, she and Paul had returned from their adventure along the ‘Silk Road’.

Sue and met back at the cabin and proceeded to the Lords Tavern where we joined in with a quiz. We thought we had performed rather poorly (talking ourselves out of some of the correct answers) and were surprised to discover we had come second with 5 wrong answers. On return to the cabin I changed and went to the gymn to burn off some of the calories that inevitably accompany  regular large meals. Sue opted to rest and contemplate other ways of calorie reduction. On return I showered and then we trotted off to load up with more healthy goodies in the Orient Restaurant. The ship passed through a heavy shower while we ate and the sea became much calmer, not doubt we were in the lee of the Norwegian coast now.
After lunch I purchased an accessory for my glasses before we again returned to the theatre for our next lecture on the ‘Moon Landings’. Half an hour into the session Sue left to catch the film ‘The Other Woman’, with a handbag full of cakes to nibble while incarcerated in one of the few activities that didn’t give the option to continue scoffing, suffice it to say I remained virtuous and finished the lecture for my own self improvement!

We met for coffee in one of the aft restaurants and had a chat with a couple of our dinner partners. We then both attended a presentation on the Lofoten Islands and felt pleased that the only excursion to be fully booked was the one we had selected and booked online.
We changed early for the evening meal as it was Black-tie and we had been invited to the Captain’s cocktail party. All dressed up and smelling nice we queued outside one of the lounges only to be photographed with the Ship’s Safety Officer, the captain was at the other entrance. Next time we shall check which queue we join! After a glass of champagne and a very humorous speech by the captain we went into dinner.

s7 s6
As Marco Pierre White had done one of the menus we decided to try that, and it wasn’t half bad, though I substituted his dessert for the cheese board. You can only go so far with this foreign muck.
The entertainment in the theatre was a classical singer that Sue appreciated more than myself but he cold sing well. I thought his choice of music was aimed more at wooing the ladies than satisfying the vikings among us! Tomorrow we arrive at Flam.

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