Returned and Edited

Since returning from our trip to the USA I have read and edited the errors in the blogs and added photos. Each blog was written at the end of each day, just before I lay my head on the pillow, not surprisingly in my rush to visit the land of dreams quite a few typos crept in.
Yesterday Nan took Sue, Sarah, Charlotte, Ellis and I to the Langton Inn for a lovely and much-needed lunch. I had good old English bangers and mash. Afterwards we had coffee at home and gave the presents that we had brought back.
When Nan, Charlotte and Ellis left, I trotted off to bed to re-acquaint myself with Mr Old-pillow. Later in the afternoon I phoned Jamie hoping that he would be coming around so that I could see his new car, but he was playing soccer and promised to come tomorrow. That evening we watched TV and had an early night.

I was the first to wake and after a coffee was on my bike for some much-needed exercise and spare tyre reduction. On my return Sue was well into her second load of washing. After a shower I went onto the roof of the garage to repair the repair I had made the day before our holiday. It had rained as soon as I had finished spreading the asphalt onto the gully that was leaking and had washed it away (sooooo annoying). I cleaned it out again, dried it with a heated paint stripper gun and then re-applied the asphalt. Fingers crossed.

I was hoping to finish quickly as we had planned to go to the cinema and see Philomena, but as luck would have it I was still smoothing the asphalt layer when Sue and Sarah left.

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