A storm blew up during the night and woke us both up with the increased rocking motion of the ship. However, when we woke up again the sea was calm with no evidence of any maelstrom other than a wet balcony.

After breakfast in the Britannia restaurant we took a turn a round the deck, this time stopping for a game of shuffle board (We played up to 100 points) and on the return I whacked a few golf balls in the practise nets (Sue wasn’t very impressed when I kept missing the ball). We then found our way to the first lecture of the day that Sue had planned. ‘The Orca’, yet another one on whales.

As soon as it finished we charged back to the Britannia as they were doing a tour of the kitchens. The were as expected, very clean, lots of chefs busy with their duties and though we saw but just a fraction of the area it was huge. We got little glimpses of how vast the kitchen is as we passed through those parts we were permitted.



From there we galloped back up to the theatre for a lecture on ‘Grand Central Station’. Very interesting though I must confess I woke up when the final applause began. After that we sat through a presentation called ‘Virtual Bridge Tour’ which was conducted by 2 third officers. They were enthusiastic but we soon lost interest when they began to get too technical for the audience. We lasted until 1pm and then snook out for lunch.

Straight after lunch Sue went to watch a film called ‘The Way, Way Back’, while I filled in the disembarkation papers and checked the internet for some of the things to see on arrival. Before Mr Pillow could persuade me to give him a cuddle, Sue came back. As I was still on the net researching some of the places we were going to see in NY she went for a coffee. When she returned we had a stroll on deck, even though it was very chilly with a biting northerly gale (the ship was doing 25 knots into it) we made our way to the very top deck which had been out-of-bounds all cruise. From up there we discovered a lovely hidden patio with restaurant which afforded great views all the way around the ship. The sky was relatively clear with just a few wispy clouds and as the sun set I fired off a few photos that is sure to make National Geographic.

Dinner was informal, so informal that we dined alone. Our fellow table guests didn’t turn up which made service rather quick. We were one of, if not the first out of the dining room this evening. The advantage being that we had to pack in readiness for our suitcases to be whisked away at 11pm. We dock at 9.30am tomorrow. Arriving back at our cabin we found Jennifer our chamber maid still tidying the room. She has kept our room spotless all week and done it with a cheery smile and pleasant manner, so we increased her smile further with a large tip. “Thank you Mr David and Mrs Sue”, she said. How sweet.

After packing we went to the theatre for the final show and then an earlyish seminar with Mr Pillow.

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