Choppy sea this morning.

Breakfast was taken in the waiter service, Britannia restaurant. We shared a table for six with knowledgeable multi-cruisers from the UK. It is interesting to hear of other passengers escapades, tips and warnings about cruising. I had a splendid breakfast of banana bread followed by haddock, eggs Benedict on muffins and ham. Yum, yum.

Sue had planned an exhaustive morning of lectures. First off was ‘Whales and Dolphin Strandings’, followed by ‘My Favourite Planet’ taken by our resident astronaut and finished off with ‘Immigrant, Radical and Notorious women of Washington Square.’ In between we managed a turn around the deck and a break for coffee. Sue also managed a visit to a seminar on diamonds.

Lunch arrived and we took it in the Lido. I discovered the enjoyment of mushroom brioche and had seconds. Much to Sue’s annoyance I spotted two large schools of dolphin during lunch, but as the ship was presently doing 20 knots, by the time she had worked out where they were her long-sightedness had kicked in and they were out of range of her bat vision.

On return to the cabin I found I had lost my cabin card, but luckily on returning to the theatre I found it straight away underneath the seat I had been squirming on.

During the afternoon Sue went to the theatre to watch a French subtitled film called ‘Haute Cuisine’. It was about a chef at the Champs Elyse Palace. Fascinating I am sure, and Sue said it was enjoyable, but I am afraid it is against my religion to watch such Gallic claptrap, so I took my self to the Golden Lion pub, bought a refreshing pint of Speckled Hen and read my Biggles book (British and true!)
After around 40 minutes that old English pastime of Bingo began in the bar. I relocated to one of the lounges and listened to some magnificent violin playing for a while before moving on to our cabin to check on Mr Pillow.

After the film Sue and I went for coffee and managed to spot a couple of whales spouting off the port bow (getting very nautical now). On the way back to the cabin to continue our books I scoffed an ice-cream and Sue a plum.
We dressed formally for the evening meal and all 6 of us were present. After the main course we had a parade of the chefs, the line seemed endless and my poor hands felt clapped out by the time they had returned to the kitchen. The entertainment in the theatre was a mixture of dance, singing, piano and comedy acts. Very entertaining. Afterwards we had Ovaltine in the Lido (must be getting old) and then returned to our cabin for the rest of the night.

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