Ritya 4


100_4874The day didn’t start well. The Bulgarian sweet and sour chicken made a re-appearance again at 1am. I awoke to feeling a ‘little funny’, my stomach was having problems with the ‘mock Chinese’ and wished to be shot of it. I obliged. Fifteen minutes later I was back in bed and asleep with a grateful digestive tract.

Another early start was the plan and at 7am we rose. David confessed to a sore tummy and weird feeling but like a true martyr he carried on. I took Banjo for quite a long walk and expected Sevdolin to have arrived when I returned, but he hadn’t. He arrived just after 9am. We had also arranged for Milen to come today but he failed to turn up at all.

Sevdolin spent the day on the woodstore roof and David and I spent the day on the house roof. I built an apex on the end of the house while David painted the wood with beetle killer after he had strengthened the wobbly rafters with extra nails. The wood is so hard that they bend the nails so he had to drill a hole first.

For lunch I made a salad from the garden and the three of us sat under the woodstore roof and ate it. It had been such a hot morning that the pace of work had been slow. I found carrying buckets of mortar mix up the ladder quite tiring and wasn’t looking forward to the afternoon.

David had to drive into Dryanovo to fetch some more ‘beetle juice’ and I set about repairing the walls under the beams. Surprisingly, the clear blue sky and being able to see for miles over the forest to the cliffs in the distance lifted my spirits and the work went better. I decided to get into the Bulgarian way and used the chainsaw to cut the wooden beams that I was replacing, fairly accurate cutting but not pretty. We worked until nearly 7pm and left the roof discussing the weather as we had heard that it was raining in Sofia.

For tea I made another pasta bake, this time with spiced sausage (I have to use what is available) in the largest dish they had. We only managed to finish half of the last one and kept the rest for the following day. All of this one went!

As usual the evening was: watch a film, go to bed.


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