Ritya 3

100_4863Alarms were set for 7am but as I let Banjo out of the house to do his ‘business’ at 6.30am I was awake when they went off. The reason for such and early awakening was that Sevdolin (Bulgarian worker) was arriving at 8am, and sure enough he did. He is a big fella, amiable character and speaks a bit of English. He proved to work well and be helpful.
After coffee, I took Banjo down the lane for some exercise while David talked to Sevdolin as to what we were doing.

The plan was to take the tiles off the house roof and place them on the Woodstore roof ready to be put in situ after the lats had been nailed on. When I returned from our walk, Sevdilan was on the roof taking the tiles off and David was coming down the ladder carrying some. After some discussion it was decided to make a chute to send the tiles down to the Woodstore. Sevdolin set about this while David and I started taking tiles off the house roof and placing them on the attic floor in readiness for despatch. A rather nice chute was made but the offset between the house and store meant that it was wobbly. After inserting a large piece of wood into the eaves we propped the top of the chute on to it and stability was achieved.

While Sevdolin latted he store roof, I picked the tiles off the house roof and whizzed them down the chute while David stopped them and then placed them in tidy piles. We both got very bored doing such a repetitive job.

Lunch was egg sandwiches and cherry tomatoes (with beer).

When all the tiles had been chuted, we set about removing the joists which supported the beams. Prising them apart with crowbars proved all too easy and they were soon all off and laying on the ground at the end of the house. Sevdolin had progressed to laying his tiles onto the lats. After half the roof had been covered he left for home an we continued to tidy up the now exposed loft and strengthen the cross pieces, but the wood was so hard they refused to take a nail. We shall drill and screw tomorrow.

After calling it a day we had a shower and then drove into Dryanovo to eat. We ordered sweet and sour chicken, but what appeared had obviously not been made by any chinaman or bore any resemblance to any previous dish I had ever seen. However, it was tasty and proved ok, especially with the obligatory cheesy chips.

A very satisfactory day. Fingers crossed for a rain-free tomorrow.

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