Favalosa Two

Favalosa Two
Though we are on an extremely large boat and the sea conditions are good, I did feel the movement of the boat while lying in bed last night. Not a gentle rocking action that would sooth you to sleep, but an odd random tremor that kept you waiting for the next one, until I eventually fell asleep out of anticipation exhaustion.

Breakfast was taken in a restaurant at the rear of the ship (though we could have chosen one of many dotted throughout). Service was good and the food fine, but the bacon was quite stringy. We sat talking to a couple from Edinburgh who had been on millions of cruises and for Scots they were ok.

Afterwards we had a walk around the top deck. There was a stiff warm breeze, but people were content to lay on sunbeds and start off their tans. We had a look around the shops and Sue tried on a few hats and then to my alarm said that she would probably purchase some jewellery later on in the voyage. We attended another ‘Welcome Meeting’ to find out about excursions on the European leg. The lady from the previous meeting was also there and you could see the presenter was visibly twitching when she queued up at the end to ask questions. We had already booked all the excursions on-line before we had left and our tickets were in our cabin when we returned.
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Lunch was taken aft of the ship and disappointingly I piled too much on my plate and felt guilty all the way back to the table. I read somewhere, that humans, like all creatures when faced with an abundance of food are programmed to gorge themselves in times of famine. Little consolation, as tonight is Gala Night and I have to put on my suit. When I left the UK, the trousers just about fitted, if I can’t get into them, the famine will have arrived!
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During the voyage we are accompanied by a Brazillian film crew who are making a comedy. We have come across them several times and been instructed that if we didn’t want to be filmed, we should say so. Are they kidding? This could be my big break! Sue spent most of the afternoon in the library reading, I started ‘White Fang’ on my tablet and then went for an afternoon snooze in the cabin.
The evening meal was a posh affair. Sue wore a frock and I put on my suit. We had an opportunity to go to the Captains cocktail party, but passed on that. We sat with the same company and the meal was nice. Afterwards we went to the theatre and watched/listened to an act called the ‘Three Tenors’, they sang a mixture of popular songs and operatic arias. I particularly enjoyed Nesum Dorma, very emotional. the Italians love their opera and stood, clapped and sang during the more familiar songs.
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