The family have been so busy I am bound to miss out something vital and no doubt will be reminded when this gets read.

Things I remember:

Sarah and Charlotte returned from Paris and by all accounts saw everything that was to be seen. Charlotte managed to pass for a student  (using Sarah’s Union Card) and thus managed to get into all the attractions with Sarah, at the discounted prices. They were particularly impressed by the Eiffel Tower. They fell in love with French bread, and brought me some back. I have to admit that though the French are a detestable race, they can make a pleasant cob.

Nan announced that she was happy in Harborough and that she would like the house in Thurcoft sold a.s.a.p. As Sarah had an interview in Sheffield a couple of days later I drove her up to her new Flat  in Newington Road the night before. We had a bit of a panic when after stopping in Thurcroft to drop off my tools, she discovered she had left her keys back in Harborough. After a bit of  soul searching, emailing and texting, she discovered that one of her house mates was there to let her in.When we arrived I set about putting a lock on the door to her room as the council had  (in their wisdom) removed all the locks for safety reasons. Unbelievable isn’t it? After hanging up a giraffe picture I returned to Thurcroft. The following day I set about painting the rooms up stairs. As the walls and ceilings had been Artexed, this was no simple or easy task. That night I bought a take-away chicken Biriany from the local Indian curry house. It was significant enough to mention as it was probably the worst  curry I have ever had the misfortune to remember. Any previous bad ones would probably have been consumed in my rugby playing days and would have been forgotten by the following morning. After consuming it, I worried I wouldn’t  see the dawn. However, I slept peacefully and awoke with no ill effects. I just guess that the curry was so bad it had probably killed any resident germs. I resolve never to return to that establishment.

The following day I fetched Sarah from Sheffield and we spent a pleasant 6 hours painting heavily rippled walls. We had sausage, pie and chips for lunch. Early that evening Lee arrived, and despite my generous offer to allow him to do a spot of painting, he declined and took Sarah to a Nando’s in Sheffield for something to eat (I bet it wasn’t as much fun!). I continued to paint  as the TV’s Freeview box had packed up that morning and I had nothing else to do.

The next day I continued painting, but visited the local Builders Merchant for some fence panels and posts (a task for the next visit) and that night I visited an old school friend who was moving house. Not a good time to visit as his wife was being treated for cancer and things weren’t looking good, and to cap it all, their son had been rushed into hospital that afternoon with suspected appendicitis, though they now though it might be gallstones. I didn’t stay long.

On the Sunday I again continued painting before picking up Sarah from her Flat. She had a driving lesson at 4pm and had to be back for that. Lee was there and followed us to the motorway where we lost sight of him.

Sunday was also Charlotte’s 30th birthday (remember she  can still pass for a 19yr old student, in France!) The Rothwells arrived after 6pm when Sarah had returned from her lesson. We all went to Pizza Express for a meal. Over the year, Charlotte had saved up her Tesco points  and swapped them for  meal vouchers. Afterwards we returned to Willow Bank and Charlotte  opened her presents,  we  sang happy birthday, everyone  ate cake and then played with the boys until they left around 9.30pm. On Mondays Charlotte and Suraj celebrated their 4th Wedding Anniversary. On Tuesday Suraj had his birthday, I played him golf and I lost ! It went down to the last putt on the last hole and he got lucky. We will be saying no more about the subject.

Prior to the Rothwells 3 days of celebrations they managed to have a couple of days in Skegness at a B&B. They visited Butlins and spent some time on the beach, though Lucas wasn’t impressed as the sand wasn’t white or the sea warm.

Today, Suraj had laser treatment on his eyes in Milton Keynes. It is his birthday present and probably will improve his vision sufficiently to further improve his putting!!!!! Doesn’t he know that most golfers have to have a handicap?

I have been busy picking the vegetables from the allotments and along with the fruit Sue has been occupied with cutting, slicing, pickling and freezing. The other day I took carrier bags of vegetables to Nan’s so that she could distribute them to the other wrinklies at Huntingdon Gardens during one of their Bingo sessions. I believe she won £12 that day and also a date and walnut cake (can’t be bad).

Sarah took her driving test in Melton Mowbray on the 4th September. SHE PASSED. To celebrate, that night Sue, Jamie and I took her out to a local pub for a very nice meal. Today we have been busy sorting out insurance, tax and MOT on her KA.

Jamie has a new car (Seat Ibiza)

Susan has a new car (Suzuki Alto):

David has a new car (Fiesta):

A few weeks ago,we had decided to replace the carpets in the on-suite and the family bathroom. We had chosen different pattern of linoleum for each room. The fitters arrived this week, ripped out the old carpets,  fitted ply-wood onto the floor to make a solid flat surface and then laid the new surfaces. Unfortunately it was the wrong pattern in the family bathroom. After a phone call and a visit to the show-room, they promised to replace it. As good as their word, today it was and in the correct pattern.

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