Easing up on lock-down with Mother’s Day

Sarah and Alice are in the swing of things.

08/03/21 UK Deaths: 65. Harborough Infected: 75. The ‘Declaration to Travel’ form comes into effect today, with passengers travelling overseas from England now required to complete and carry the exit permit. Ellis and Lucas started back to school today, both will be having two Covid tests a week; Ellis will be having his at home while Lucas will have his done in school.

09/03/21 UK Deaths: 231. Harborough Infected: 72.

With heavy rain and winds forecast for tomorrow, today was quite a pleasant and sunny interlude to the uncomfortable weather we have been having for what seems like forever. Optimistically during the morning, Suraj tried to book a round of golf for the pair of us, but despite being legally able to meet up and partake in exercise, golf courses are remaining shut until the 29th. I chose to substitute the chasing of a small white ball, for following a rotavator and planting 6 rows of onion sets in the vegetable plot. Not quite as much fun, but one less task off my mind.

10/03/21 UK Deaths: 190. Harborough Infected: 125. The total number of 1st vaccines administered is 22 809 829.

A very wet and windy day. After a visit to see Charlotte, Sara and Alice popped into Willow Bank to collect some more wood-chip before making their way home. On my morning cycle ride, I stopped twice to chat to a couple of ex-rugby playing friends. The conversation centred not on rugby, but on the frustration of not being able to get out and about and unable to join up with friends. One of them gave a sobering reminder of the times we are in when he related that his brother-in-law had died a couple of weeks ago of Covid, just three days before he was called for his vaccination.

11/03/21 UK Deaths: 181. Harborough Infected: 108.

12/03/21 UK Deaths: 175. Harborough Infected: 91. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in France rose above four million on Friday, as the health ministry reported 25,229 new infections.

Today was Ruth’s birthday.

13/03/21 UK Deaths: 121. Harborough Infected: 76. Shops, restaurants and schools will be closed across most of Italy on Monday, with PM Mario Draghi warning of a “new wave” of the corona-virus outbreak. The number of people vaccinated in the UK is 23.6 million.

You can tell there is still hope in this Covid infested world when Leicester Tigers beat Gloucester and England overcome a talented French side to end a run of dismal performances.  Though still less than a week since restrictions eased and schools re-opened,  the figures on deaths and the number of infected have continued to fall while the graph on vaccinations is rocketing steeply upwards. False dawn, or a resplendent sunrise of good fortune? It is more likely that the country will register the effects of the current measures over the next couple of weeks, but I am now beginning to feel a little more positive. I just require the weather witches to play ball and bring a little heat into that sunrise.

14/03/21 Mother’s Day.

UK Deaths: 52. Harborough Infected: 70.  British Airways say they will introduce digital vaccine passports in time for the planned reopening of international travel in May.

The day began early at Willow Bank with a video call from Sarah wishing Sue a happy Mother’s Day. Unknown to her, she was to visit later in the morning as part of a treasure hunt organised by Lee last week. He had hidden a series of notelets at various locations using the ‘what3words’ App, each one giving the location of the next. Last week, under Lee’s instruction I had hidden one of the notelets in the garden; inside the red telephone box next to the pool. She, Lee, Alice and Mia turned up mid-morning and found the note, stopped briefly for coffee before heading off to find the next note, which I knew was located in a shed in Lee’s parent’s garden. A very novel way of visiting your mum on this special day I thought.

Charlotte arrived with Harry at lunchtime with flowers, chocolates and a special lunch for Sue, all nicely boxed up. It also happened to be Harry’s birthday, so I gave him a couple of treats and an extra special ear fondle. While Sue and Charlotte chatted in the lounge I made myself a not-so-quite-special lunch of pie, chips and beans (I will have to wait until June 20th for Father’s Day).


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