Living in Lockdown – 7

31/03/20 It’s the last day of March and a very eventful month it has turned out to be for the UK and the world. Poor Italy and Spain are still being ravaged, there seems no end to their atrocious torment. My feeling is that though we still have the worst to come, the UK is rapidly putting the resources in place to fight back. It seems we now have a collective attitude, borne of fear, that we are all in this together and as individuals we do make a difference. The British ‘stiff upper lip’ stoicism has seen this country through many hardships in the past and I am sure it will do so again. April will gauge whether my optimism is misplaced or not, thirty days during which Corvid-19 will peak and its dreadful measure will be the final death toll.


The photo was taken by Charlotte this morning on a walk with Lucas and Harry (notice the social distancing). What a beautiful world we live in.

My government sanctioned exercise of cycling was this morning replaced by digging. It took me two hours to turn over a 40m by three spade widths of heavy, rain compacted soil. Usually my whole vegetable lot would have been dug last autumn, but the end of year monsoon-like weather put paid to that. The plan is to dig the same each day until done and then begin planting potatoes.

For lunch, Sue made cheese toasties using the Mozzarella I made a few days ago, they were scrumptious. I am not lying, they were!

During the afternoon, Sue cycled down to the pharmacist to pick up her prescription. She reported that she took so long because she had to queue outside while they attended to people one at a time. Queuing is a necessary evil that we are going to have to get used to, at least for the foreseeable future.

Charlotte had been working in Harborough during the morning and she made a whirlwind visit during the afternoon to pick up a large bag of fire ash that Sue had been saving for  the chickens. They love to bathe in it as it gets rid of lice (so I am told).

I spent the afternoon sowing a row of peas and carrots in raised beds and then sowed courgettes into pots in the greenhouse. What would I do without a garden to occupy my mind and time?


Now that Suraj is working from home, he has arranged his study to accommodate this. Ellis asked if he could do his on-line schoolwork in the same room, his dad obliged by setting up a similar workstation for him. How sweet is that?



Sarah, chose to have a relaxing day as tomorrow she returns to work. Like Lee, she will be working from home on the phone and internet, her time will (for the time being) not be her own. She chose to be arty and spent the day creating the tiger in the photo.

Jamie seems to have come over all philosophical, he published the following on the family Messenger group this afternoon: TRAFFIC is gone, CAR QUEUES are gone. FUEL is affordable, BILLS extended. KIDS are at home with their FAMILIES, PARENTS are home taking care of their CHILDREN. FAST FOOD replaced by HOME COOKED MEALS, hectic SCHEDULES replaced by NAPS. The AIR seems CLEANER, the WORLD QUIETER. PEOPLE are conscious about HYGIENE and HEALTH again. MONEY doesn’t seem to make the WORLD GO ROUND anymore. And WE now have TIME, finally, to STOP and SMELL the ROSES. Finally We get to see woman’s real eyebrows and hair colour It seems like this COVID-19 is a RESET BUTTON for HUMANITY!!!


Jamie has set himself the task of teaching Ruth the skill of binary trading. He is using it as a live  teaching strategy for his company Binary Destroyer and fxLearning using Zoom and his own YouTube channel. It could be a powerful teaching strategy, I hope it works!


01/04/20 Traditionally on this day we celebrate April Fools’ Day. Its true origin is unknown and could be attributed to several cultures, festivals or events, but I like the link with the Roman festival of Hilaria, when people wore disguises in celebration of the resurrection of the Roman God Attis  Hilaria – it’s also known as Roman Laughing Day. However, on this occasion there is little enthusiasm for mirth during an atmosphere of despondency for the world and in particular Italy.

Today I received some terrible news from Joan in Santa Vittoria. Phil had been taken into hospital suffering from abdominal pain and was operated on, removing a portion of his bowel on the 23rd March.The surgery went well, but a heart condition was discovered and he also had a bad attack of gout. He is a tough old soldier and managed to recover enough so that Joan was expecting him to be sent home today, but unfortunately this didn’t happen as he developed a high temperature and is now on antibiotics. Though Joan can speak to Phil on the phone, because of lock down she hasn’t seen him since he was taken in the ambulance. What an awful situation to be in, during horrendous times! Our hearts and thoughts are with Joan and Phil during this nightmare. Hopefully, they will soon be together again in their lovely home in Marche.

In Leicestershire we had a cold and dull day. I completed my daily digging exercise and rotavated the strip dug yesterday, before midday. Sue had spent the time making leek and potato soup, which we had for lunch whilst watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ on the TV. In the afternoon I repaired the door jamb on the side door to the back garden. It had become loosened against the wall, probably during the storms the country suffered whilst we were away. I finished my working day off by mowing the lawns. They didn’t really warrant a cut, but I find it quite therapeutic and I think we are all in need of a bit of that.

A sign of the times: I had a conversation with Claire (from next door) using text, though we could clearly see each other just 30 metres apart. She was weeding our shared driveway and I was mowing the lawn under the spruce tree. Now that is social distancing!

Today was Sarah’s third day back at work, here are some photos of her day:

That lump wasn’t there yesterday!

Lee and Mia after a tough day!


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