Calgary -8

A comfortable nights sleep, punctuated only once (from what I remember) by wailing ghost trains.

Another lovely day, the sun shining down on our picture postcard surroundings. I think we are beginning to take this scene for granted, on my walk to the shower block I didn’t stop once to stare at some feature of this pristine environment!


We drove into Banff and did a little bit of shopping. Jamie gamefully limping and hopping beside me. At least for once on our road trip I haven’t been trailing metres behind him as he marches purposefully along the trail. Though I have many times pointed out to him that it is the journey that is important not the destination, it took a ‘popped’ knee to slow him down.

Leaving the town behind us we drove first to Two Jacks Lake to have a short walk along its shore then moved onto Lake Minnewanka, a much larger body of water where it is possible to take a cruise along its length. We saw tourists lining up to board on the small dock as we passed by on the road high above. Perhaps another time.


Next stop was at Canmore. We called into the tourist information Centre to take advantage of the WiFi and to get the location of the RV camp just outside Calgary that was to be our stop that night. Armed with the appropriate information we drove on into town, parked up and had lunch in the sunshine at a restaurant situated on the corner of Main Street. We watched the locals go about their business, ate our meal and then walked down the street and did a bit of window shopping.WP_20160930_13_38_46_Pro.jpg


Jamie (for some reason) wanted to visit a quarry lake in the town so we drove there next. The place was popular with dog walkers and the lake turned out to be a pond that was divided in two by the sort of rope you see dividing swimming lines at your local pool. A large sign decreed that dogs should only swim on the side of the pool shaded in green on the inset map. They must have very intelligent dogs here as we saw none crossing the rope! It was noticeable that there were numerous dogs of all sizes and breeds off the leash freely mixing with each other, when a new one turned up they all seemed to greet each other with wagging tails and no snarls. Obviously, British dogs have a distrustful bulldog spirit, I guess it is the stuff empires are made of.


Returning to the RV we headed off in the direction Calgary through a heavy rain shower. We arrived at the RV Camp situated just next to the Olympic village. We could see the Ski-jump from our pitch.


After check-in we parked up and then went for a walk along a nature trail through the site. We could see the city of Calgary not far away. The rest of the afternoon was spent having our micro-waved dinner (sweet and sour pork) and playing cards while listening to the radio. I taught Jamie how to play Chinese Patience, it seemed to grab his interest as we played it long into the evening.


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