Sea Day 6

WP_20160310_15_05_28_ProI found it difficult to wake this morning. The blinding shock of the blackout blinds being raised by Sue kicked the sandman fairly and squarely overboard (I think she did it on purpose!) It wasn’t until the second dark coffee of the morning that normality was approached. Yogurt and pastries brought the rest of the systems online and another arduous day could be faced.

Checking the ‘Diario de bordo’ we decided that today was a day of rest and we wouldn’t participate in yet another day of exhausting activities. We would read, play Scrabble and fully regenerate the ‘juices’ in readiness for tomorrows visit to Oman. It is likely to be hot and as it is a strict Muslim country we will be required to fully cover up.  After breakfast I checked with the English rep’ whether, as a member of the dominant and ruling sex, I too would have to cover my arms and legs. Disappointingly I will have to wear a long sleeved shirt and trousers but the wearing of socks is optional (yippee!).

It was hotter to day and after a walk around the decks we found a booth in one of the bars next to a window so we could continue our vigil for Somali pirates and played Scrabble (3:0 now).

Lunch was taken on Deck 9 and we were joined by Aylo, he was a bit more upbeat today and we discussed Oman. Afterwards Sue watched a Frank Sinatra concert on video and I had a short nap before hitting the gym.


We met the Captain and his senior staff in the Grand Bar before the evening meal. It was a hot humid evening and as it was a formal dress I found wearing a jacket and tie unbearably stuffy (perhaps a fore-taste of things to come). We sat with the German ladies of a couple of nights ago and discussed families and showed photos on our phones.

The show was a Spanish opera singer. Much of what he sang we unsurprisingly did not know, I found his voice rather deafening at times. In defence, we did have front row seats and therefore were just 2 metres away. He seemed to go down well with the audience, so I guess I am not as appreciative as I should be.


A sultry and sticky walk around the deck preceded an early night.

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