We woke for 8am to a bright blue sky and what looked like a cold day. We were not wrong, the temperature remained around -2 until late in the afternoon when it crept up to +2.

After a couple of cups off coffee we enquired at the Concierge Desk as to where we could catch a tour bus. Armed with the knowledge and my phone SatNav we set off for Times Square. Oooooooooooo…… it was chilly! My poor little hands soon got so cold with checking on the phone map, annoyingly the touch screen doesn’t respond to gloved fingers. However, we were soon there as nothing seems very far from our hotel.
Spotting a guy with a poster advertising the tours we bought our tickets from him and his partner took us to where the bus was waiting. After a 10 minute very cold wait the bus set off with nearly a full load of tourists. As we were on of the first on the bus we positioned ourselves just behind the canopy as to benefit from its shelter yet still be able to take photos freely.








We were the only ones to stay on for the full route as people got on and off at the various stops. Our route was roughly a circular one of Manhattan and covered all the famous attractions and many that we had never heard of. The journey took around 2 hours and despite dressing appropriately we get very cold. Towards the end I had taken so many pictures that my battery warning light was flashing.

When we were set down in Times Square we found ourselves outside the Marriott hotel. I had heard about its restaurant which revolved, giving splendid views of the city. Travelling up the express lift to the 47th floor we found ourselves outside the appropriately named “The View’ restaurant. Being a Sunday they were doing a Sunday brunch (buffet). We had to wait for a few minutes to see if a table was available and as luck would have it, we got a table next to the window. We had perfect views as we ever so slowly rotated round. Brunch came with unlimited glasses of champagne or champagne spritzer, but started first with two cups of hot coffee to warm up. The food was as would be expected in such a location as excellent and I personally stuffed myself (good at that now). I even had a plateful of cakes and puddiny things. We finished it off with some more champagne spritzers followed by hot coffee.




We wandered around Times Square for a while longer and did some shopping. We then found Macey’s and did some more shopping. On the return journey to our hotel we stopped in Central Park and bought a framed picture. With tired feet, back at the hotel we had coffee and hunted a while for the key to the lock in my suitcase that has been lost. I guess it had been hoovered up by the chambermaid during the afternoon (good job we have a plan B).

Later on we went for a walk around the local area. We walked down 9th Street which turned out to be the eating district, it was full of bars and restaurants. they were all packed and there was many would be customers walking the streets, no doubt looking for a vacant table, we didn’t spot many. On return to the hotel we camped in the bar and Sue sampled a cider called Angry Orchard, it must have been good as she had two bottles. I stuck to my usual, a glass of water. We sat and watched a football match (American), Seattle were playing San Francisco and it seemed a contentious game among the many guys also watching in the bar. Incidentally, it is the Superbowl in two weeks, you cannot fail to notice it as Maceys have a huge display of all the competing teams, Times Square has a lot of works going on that will turn it into Superbowl Square (I kid you not) and all the shops seem to have some display of sorts in their window of it. Having watched a lot of adverts tonight and very little football action, I fail to see the attraction. And, I confess to having played one game of it in the 70’s, in New York State, and I thought it was a silly game then.
After a quick look around the hotel shop we hit was a comfortable bed, but I do miss Mr Pillow, he will always hold a special place in my heart. Today in Macey’s, we interrogated a rather confused haberdashery assistant as to the possible purchase of one of Mr Pillow’s relatives. But she had not idea as to his lineage, Macey’s appear to only stock duck-down. How back ward, and this country put a man on the moon? Oh yeah! In Universal studios for sure.

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