Ritya 16

Woke to a cold, dank, miserable morning. After checking the loft for any water ingress, despite the heavy rain during the night, there was none, it was as dry as an Arab’s tent.

David rather than the sun put his hat on and I donned an extra T-shirt to keep out the chill. It had started to lightly drizzle and it kept up all day! It had been decided to finish the little bits on the roof still left to do.

After inspecting the back ridge tiles we decided that their alignment still wasn’t perfect so we took off the capping tiles, ripped out the supporting beam and re-aligned it. When the tiles were replaced we were happy (but cold). I cut some metal to protect the supporting wall joint underneath and then fitted and cemented it in place, and then rendered the wall to make it look pretty (hide the rubbish brickwork underneath). We then gathered up all the tools and paraphernalia on the roof and took them down to ground zero. To bring that phase of the project to some kind of finality we took down the ladders.

A cup of coffee later and it was back outside to move the ladders to the back of the house to fit the guttering. At this point I missed a skype call from Sue, and she had gone off line by the time I had logged on. Checking my emails she had sent a request by the solicitor for certain details regarding the Nan’s house that we were selling. I put the details into a return email, skyped Sarah to text Sue that I had sent a reply (she was busy slaving at her computer doing Uni’ work). By the time I got back outside David was already up the ladder and fitted the first section of guttering. I left him to it and cut and beat some more metal to finish off the roof at the side of the house and with that job done, moved on to cutting a sheet of metal to fit in front of one of the chimneys so that water water from it would run into the gutter. As I finished that job, David had completed the guttering. Fine timing.

Lunch was coffee and slices of toast and a long moan about how cold it was and how old bones feel the damp so much more. We were not looking forward to getting old.

The afternoon was spent by me in the loft (head-banging territory) finishing off the wire netting of the insulation and laying down a floor over it all. David spent the time outside coping with the elements and putting up guttering on the wood store roof. He snook off during the late afternoon to Milen’s for a chat (probably some Raki and snacks) and to be friendly, Milen had popped around during the morning to give David a can of beer for previously helping him lift a cooker from the vacant house next door into his car.

The miserable weather continued so for once we finished the work at around 4pm and sat in the warmth of the house chatting about how impressive the roof was and that even Milen had commented on how good it looked (straightest and securest rows of tiles this side of Sofia we expect).

After our evening meal we sat and watched a film before retiring and listening to the sound of steady rain outside to lull us to sleep.

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