It’s getting chillier.

As the title suggests, the evenings are getting quite chilly now, winter will soon be on its way.  We have started to make a fire in the evenings, though the central heating hasn’t been on (not cold enough yet, gas is too expensive, and there is only the two of us, plus WE sensibly put a jumper on). I just hope it is not as cold as last year, it was fun at first, then became a pain. Last year Joan and Phil, made a brief visit (from Italy), the day they  arrived heralded the start of the snow and freezing conditions. They are coming again on the 28th of November (remember the date), it is always nice to be able to blame somebody!

Last week, Peter (next door neighbour) died. He had been ill for quite a while and during the last few months he had been going down hill rapidly. While I was in Bulgaria he suffered from a stroke and I am afraid the ‘dye was cast’. Though I did not have a lot to do with our neighbours, our family had become closer during this last year when Peter became ill. He is being cremated on Wednesday and I have agreed to read a poem picked by Doreen (his wife) during the service. Sue has offered to help with the arrangements and is supplying some salads for the buffet.

Last week Jamie ordered some wall paper for his apartment. When it arrived we set about putting it up. It took around 4 hours to finish, but it does look nice (you can judge for yourself).

On Friday, I took Jamie and Charlotte to pick chestnuts. We do this most years with a variety of family members and friends, but this was the first year that Sarah wasn’t with us. It is the latest that  we have ever been to pick them and they all had fallen and most had been snaffled by squirrels (greedy grey ones I bet).  We did manage to find a few small ones and later that night, after having the obligatory curry, most of them got roasted on the fire. Lucas seemed to be intrigued and loved peeling them and feeding them to the Nan and granddad.  For the first time in a few weeks, Suraj came to eat and brought a hard drive full of films to copy onto my media centre. He took Jamie back to his place, to have a look at the wallpaper and on his return we watched the video of Bulgaria I had made during the week.

Sarah has been keeping in touch. She rang during the week to let us know that she had feedback concerning her last dissertation and the lecturer informed her that it was the best one she had read. What a nice thing to hear (and she seemed pleased too). According to the photo (from facebook) she has been dressing up and team bonding, what it has to do with’ criminal justice’ is open for suggestion, but mine is that when criminals are caught they plan to drag them around in a bag then shoot them.

Nan is recovering from what appears to be nasty mouth/throat infection (Thrush). She is sensibly staying in a lot, but still has managed to have her hair done and nip into Rotherham for some shopping. David and Genya have flown back into the country on Saturday, so no doubt they will be dropping by to pick up the mountain of post that is waiting for them.

Lucas, Ellis and a friend.

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