It is nice to have some good news and Sarah has provided us with the best kind. Two years of focussed hard work and dedication have paid off.

Our Sarah is going to Uni’!!!!

‘A’ level results were supposed to be released on Thursday. But earlier in the week she began to receive details of her course and a request to confirm the accommodation that she had opted for and medical forms. What was going on thought Sue and I? What a lot of wasted paper to send out before students knew if they had the grades to go.

Thursday morning, woken from a very deep sleep at around 7am, I focussed on Sarah standing at the side of the bed, saying something that sounded like she was going to Uni’. Knowing that the school didn’t give them out until 10am, I felt a little sceptical and thought perhaps one of us was dreaming. I woke up again when the radio was talking about a computer that had crashed and students could not find out if they had a University place.

Sue and Sarah were having breakfast when I got up, and the tale became clear. At around 6am, Sarah had started to get texts from her friends that the UCAS website was up and running giving out details of who had a place and where. She quickly got up, went on-line and discovered that she had a confirmed place at Sheffield. As soon as she found out, the system crashed (wasn’t her fault, she says).

Feeling a bit of a Luddite, I still thought I would only really believe when the school confirmed it. Of course when Sarah picked up her grades at 10am we knew it was true. Sociology and Psychology you can now officially get stuffed!!!!! I still expect to use the Geography on my future travels. Sarah celebrated by spending that evening working behind the bar at the Rugby Club, earning some money to take to Uni. She also worked Friday night and again tonight. Sunday she is off to a car boot to sell her clothes, I think that is a bit too far, but she says she has too many, and that I agree with her.

Efficient as ever, she has made me fill in all the necessary forms (and cheques) and they are winging their way to their various destinations as I type. She has her driving test coming up soon and has already booked in the necessary lessons and has a plan A and B depending on the outcome. Nan is very pleased and looking forward to seeing her more often, I suspect lunches will be big on the menu.

It goes without saying that the whole family is VERY proud of her. It has been awesome (I picked that phrase up from Charlotte!) how focussed and determined Sarah has been these last 2 years. Her confident and positive attitude to her school work despite numerous disruptions and setbacks has been absolutely commendable (that’s my phrase). It is true: You get what you deserve. Well done Sarah.

Usually after each blog I write, someone complains  that I have yet again failed to mention her and her activities. So……….,  SARAH, this blog is officially dedicated to a young and talented student who will soon be off to University. Guess who?

Her term time address will now be The Pinnacles, Sheffield.

ps. Charlotte and Nan also got their names in as they moan too!!!

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