A Testing Birthday


As you can see I’ve had a birthday. Jamie bought this cake for me, and Sue and Jamie both sang a not quite so tuneful, ‘Happy Birthday’. It is probably not true, but as a child, I don’t remember having a cake on my birthday, I don’t have a sweet tooth; cakes, biscuits and sweets hold no attraction for me, I much prefer something savoury, with cheese being my favourite.  I have been fortunate to receive quite a lot of presents, ranging from an axe to underwear and of course, always a selection of beers. Alas, no Ferrari this year.

A couple of weeks ago I started having a problem with swallowing food, it would go down ok, but afterwards caused a little pain. After a visit to the doctor’s, it was thought wise to set up a series of tests and find out why.

Test One: This was an ECG. The result looked ok. I taught the nurse that conducted the test and would have taken a dim view if it hadn’t.

Test Two: This was a Gastroscopy. It took place on the morning of my birthday at the very new Melton Hospital. It is supposed to be a quite straightforward procedure, but I found it a nightmare, extremely painful which brought tears to my eyes. However, it did find a couple of ulcers in the gullet just before the stomach. It is probably caused by too much acid being produced by the stomach. A very painful biopsy was taken to be sure. The doctor gave me a prescription for some tablets to sort the acid and ulcers out. Having already taken them for a couple of days, the symptoms have gone away.  The bad news is that he is making an appointment in four weeks to have a look at them again. I can’t wait!!!

Test Three: This is yet to come, but will involve looking at my chest and running on a treadmill.

Test Four: Like test two, this will also involve a camera, but entry is at the other end of the body!

Many seem to enjoy knocking the NHS, but I have no complaints. I am getting my money’s worth. I am pretty sure we have already discovered the cause of my discomfort, but it is sensible and safer to have the other tests done.

Last Sunday, Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas visited to bring my birthday axe and also install a larger drive on the Media Centre in the lounge. We had promised Lucas that we would get him a little car to play with when he next came, and of course, he was very excited when he arrived. Sue and I had bought him an electric sit-in car that he could drive around the garden in. Of course, he loved it. They took it home with them and now he eats his meals in it.

This week-end Nan travelled to Sheffield to stay a couple of days with Aunty Edna. At their age, I don’t suppose they will be visiting many of the nightclubs in the city centre.

Sarah spent a week in Cornwall on a school geography field trip. Luckily, the weather was very kind and by all accounts, they all had a great time, she certainly came back very tired. Even though she still has another year to go with her ‘A’ levels, she is presently planning a University taster week over the summer and is busy sending away for brochures.

Jamie has had his first wage and used it to buy a new exhaust for his car (some things never change). Unfortunately, soon after he broke his phone. The company he works for has been fined over a million pounds for burying waste, the effect of which is that his hours have been cut from 9.30 am to 6 pm. Though he will be earning less he seems ok about it.

Yesterday a friend popped in for a coffee before we both went to the rugby club to watch the 2nd team play. He had a long chat with Jamie while I was getting changed and to my surprise persuaded him to play rugby next weekend. I will be even more astonished if Jamie does play. We shall see.

Sue thankfully continues to be fit and healthy and took me to the local cinema club to see a film called ‘Starbright’ about a young orphan escaping the realities of her life by fantasising about, and then entering, a fairy tale world. I would not under any circumstances ever feel the urge to watch it again. The man in front of me fell asleep, I squirmed and yawned and managed just about managed to get through it. Having a tooth pulled out would have been more pleasurable, however, Sue enjoyed it and I suppose that is enough.

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