Only a week.

Having just read through my last blog, it appears that I have joined the ranks of the ‘Grumpy Old Men.’ I came to this conclusion earlier in the week, after watching ‘Grumpy Old Women’ on the TV  and finding myself agreeing with most of their bellyaches. However, I think I have taken this crabbiness one step further, I have started to harbour thoughts that I shouldn’t be blamed for such an attitude, as nowadays the younger generation seems incapable of doing anything the correct way, the way it should be done, the way it was once done, the way I would do it. Also, this modern society only enjoys hearing bad news, when things have gone disastrously wrong when huge mistakes are made and no one takes responsibility. TV programmes with wrinkly people airing views on any topic they care about because it irritates them have made it socially acceptable to whinge, yet accept that there is nothing to be done about it. Well, I am! I now refuse to watch any programme or read any article that contains the words Disaster, Nuclear, Afghanistan, Royal Bank of Scotland, Election, Sleaze, Ministers, Pirates, Salt,  Floods, Global Warming or John Terry.

Soon after coming to this conclusion, I watched a film called ‘Hustle and Flow’, having read a synopsis of the plot on the internet, it epitomised everything that I hated about the filmmaking industry. It portrayed a slow degradation in the morality of society, accepting the worst as the norm.  It seemed to confirm my viewpoint, so I watched it. Terence Howard’s character, Djay, drug dealer and a Pimp to three ‘Loose Ladies’, one of which was pregnant. He had the desire to be a Rap artist (I hate Rap music). The script portrayed the worst of life, casually assuming this was the way things are and so is acceptable. Everything about the plot would have been rejected in my previous ‘grumpy’ days as a definite no-no to watch. However, Terence Howard is a fine actor and not long into the film had me empathising with his character. The supporting cast was superb and I was held by the storyline until the end. The music was enlightening, I even found myself rapping along with Djay, I now understand that the words in a rap song are not just inane drivel, but carry a message about the way people live their lives. I was converted.

Sue is back in school, working three days last week and is booked for three more this coming week, being busy is her Nirvana. She has missed the companionship you can only get at work,  full time teaching ensures each day is full of variety, but unfortunately there is also a lot of paperwork. Supply teaching has variety and companionship but not the form filling. She and Sarah went to see Darwin at the Film Club on Friday and by all accounts it was very good.

Sarah had a day off school while the sixth form had interviews for ‘Target Setting’, spending it with her friends window shopping in Leicester.  At the weekend, she went on a long ramble with the Air Cadets. She enjoys being involved in such physical activities.

After qualifying to drive a forklift truck, Jamie appears to be enjoying himself immensely driving one at his work. This week, to combat the foul odour from Jamie’s work clothes I bought an electronic air freshener and placed it by the back door. When it senses someone entering, it gives a squirt of Freesia.  The first time it frightened Jamie when he came in from work, he thought there was a ghost in the corridor. The house smells so much nicer now. How he explains to his friends why he smells of Freesia is a subject we don’t go near.

Each morning I frighten rabbits and pigeons cycling off-road through the Leicestershire countryside, recently the ground has been very wet. I came to a sludgy halt in the middle of a field on Wednesday, the wheels were locked with gooey mud and wouldn’t turn. I had to drag the bike to the hedge and clean it up before proceeding, only for it to happen again two fields further on. With great effort and covered in mud I managed to lug the bike to the nearby canal towpath before my energy and strength gave out. Luckily, due to the drizzle, no one was about to witness my embarrassment. On Saturday I went with friends to Worcester to watch Harborough 1st Team lose narrowly to Worcester Wanderers. After the game we stayed to watch Premiership side  Worcester Warriors lose to  London Irish before retiring to the club bar and watched England beat Wales. For any ex-rugby player, that is an ideal way to spend a Saturday.

Nan had to spend £100 to buy a new battery charger for her mobile scooter as the old one wasn’t charging the battery. I thought that was an extortionate price to pay and have told her that she must let me know if anything else goes wrong with the vehicle before she spends any money. You do have to be careful when you get old, I’m not looking forward to it!

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