Birthday Boy!

Quite a bit of news since my last entry. Sue has been very busy working at the local Catholic school, she only missed one day in the last 2 weeks and that was to travel to Newark to celebrate Lucas’s 3rd birthday. Though looking very tired, she insisted that she was enjoying herself and that the money would help pay for Christmas (what about the true spirit of Christmas and the baby Jesus?) Today she travelled down to Worcester to see Philippa, to swap presents and have a good natter. She spent about 4 hours there and returned for 3pm.

Jamie put his car on eBay, but failed to get a bid on it. He then bought another car Peugeot 106 Gti, from someone in Derbyshire. He then put his car back on eBay and this time it attracted a bid of £500 which he accepted. The guy picked it up on Saturday. Jamie’s Gti had a squeak so I took it around to friend who is a mechanic and he fixed the squeak for him. It looks a nice car, and I hope the engine is as good as his previous one (both have the same mileage and the new on is a year older). At present he hasn’t any insurance on the Gti,  so can’t drive it. Jamie has a knack of making life very complicated. Today, as Sue was in Worcester, he made Sunday lunch for Sarah and I. We had turkey steaks, mashed potato, roast potato, carrots, peas and brussel sprouts. Both Sarah and I were gobsmacked, he has never done this before and it was quite good!

Sarah had a very good report on Parent’s Evening and is busy revising for exams after Christmas. How things change, I did my ‘A’ levels and only sat the one set of exams and that was at the end, after 2 years. She went to visit Lee in Nottingham yesterday and I think she has finished getting all her Christmas presents. She went with Jamie and myself and we got the tree for the lounge, later to night we are going to see a film in Kettering.

I have been busy painting one of the bedrooms, and now it is done. I went to see the Nativity play at Farndon Fields, it was quite sweet and amusing. I think I can get into the Christmas mood now. I refereed at Harborough on Saturday, for the first time in 2 years. Harborough lost!

Last Thursday, Sue, Jamie and myself travelled to Newark and then onto Lincoln for Lucas’s 3rd birthday (Sarah had to go to school and missed out). We went to a play barn at Lincoln City Football Club. It was a brilliant day as there was an adult section and we all managed to throw ourselves down vertical slopes, squeeze through impossible crevices and had a magnificent battle firing sponge balls at each other from air-canons. Lucas had no fear or difficulty on any of the activities and was completely disinterested in the children’s section. We stayed for over 4 hours and a a great time. We stopped at the house on the way back to cut the cake and sing Happy Birthday.

David and Genya flew to Bulgaria on Tuesday. I hope Genya likes what we did to her house! They are coming back on the 21st. I emailed them this week but ominously I have had no reply yet. Watch this space.

Nan is still busy watching sport and looking forward to coming down for Christmas.

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