Woke earlier today at 8am. Blue sky and white puffy clouds greeted us as we left the hotel bound for Central Station. The plan was to ‘do’ the Opera House.

The journey to Central Quay involves just three stops and we were soon outside the iconic Sydney landmark taking the obligatory photos. The area around the Quay can get very busy, but this early in the morning it was fairly quiet so we seized the opportunity and found the booking office and managed to get our selves onto the 11.15am tour.

A leisurely circuit of the building with more stops for yet more photos and then a sit down in some deck chairs put out to take in the view. The ‘Voyager of the Seas’ was docked right in front of us next to the Harbour Bridge. We knew it was bound for New Zealand as we had chatted with a couple of its passengers on the train.

Leaving the cruise liner we found the start of the tour, met our guide, kitted ourselves with some hitech blue-tooth earphones to enable us to hear the commentary and then had our photo taken (professionally). We were in as group of 12, all English speaking. We visited the three Theatres and treated to a description on how it was constructed, all very interesting, but a bit of an expensive disaster that in the end turned out looking right. Inside it is pretty impressive.

Sue visited the shop on exit and added another Christmas bauble to her collection.

Afterwards we strolled over to the botanical gardens, as it was getting rather hot we hopped on to a Choo Choo Train that toured the grounds. The gardens themselves are huge and varied. Well worth a visit, but best done on the ‘hop on hop off’ Choo Choo. We only hopped off once, at the end of the Peninsula to see Mrs McCreadies seat. There we had drinks and a snack before catching the train back to the entrance.

Sydney (96)

We considered catching a Ferry to somewhere but couldn’t make our minds up, so we opted for people watching with drinks at the Ferry Terminal at Circular Quay.

Glasses empty and ogling done we caught the train back to the hotel. On the way up to our room Sue picked up some leaflets from the Foye and by the time I had flopped exhausted onto the bed she had decided that she fancied going on a Sydney Ghost walk (as described in one of of the newly acquired pamphlets).

Back down to the foye to see the Concierge and a brief phone call had us booked on that nights walk. Having only just been on the train from Circular Quay, half an hour later we were returning. The walk was to start at 7.45pm outside Mr Cadman’s Cottage and at 6pm we were sat just up the road at a restaurant having a meal. On completion we strolled to the quay and watched the Cruise ship leave before meeting our guide James and 2 other Aussie couples.

The walk lasted well over 2 hours and followed the usual format of gore and death with spooky going ons that we were assured were all true and corroborated. It was very entertaining, not to the level of Matilda but a good way to spend an evening, listening to stories and visiting places we would never have done so on our own. Yes, in parts it was a bit spooky, for some.

Leaving our fellow believers to the rest of their evening, we again made our way back to our hotel and this time I didn’t get off the bed.

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