Aye, eye!

22/03/21 UK Deaths: 17. Harborough Infected: 70. 

Stand-off between cat and badger.

Last week I rang Leicester General Hospital for an appointment to investigate a problem I was having with the vision in my left eye. It was a re-occurrence of a problem I had a few years ago and was stabilised with several injections of Lucentis. Today, I caught the bus into Leicester to attend the appointment. Despite, the pressures on the NHS I was surprised and pleased they were able to give such a quick response. Though the Eye Clinic has now been spread over four separate departments to prevent cross-contamination and the cleaning regime is so much more intense, my progress through check-in and a battery of tests to a final consultation was quick and thorough. I was in and out of the building within 40 minutes. A scan of the eye confirmed the problem and I left the hospital with instructions that I will be given another injection quite soon.

23/03/21 UK Deaths: 112. Harborough Infected: 78. It is one year since the  UK was placed into lockdown. Pfizer has started an early-stage US trial of an oral Covid-19 antiviral therapy that could be prescribed to patients at the first sign of infection. Spain is on track to vaccinate 70% of the adult population with at least the first dose by June, on 30 March the country will lift restrictions on arrivals from Britain that have been in place since December. Maybe not such a good move by Spain, I think.

On a bright and chilly day, we met up with Jim and Bridget (plus dogs) for a short 2.5-mile amble from East Carlton Park to Middleton and back. Jim’s knee pain prevents him from walking far without strong pain killers so the distance was just about manageable for him. There were a few other souls out and about walking dogs or families pushing prams, but it was very quiet for such a popular park. The police had been giving out fines over the weekend to those who had travelled quite a distance and it had had its effect. In any event, it was a nice change to walk with company, even if the necessary social distancing did limit conversation somewhat. However, in our mini-bubble, Sue and I did manage to discover a Geocache hidden behind a gravestone as we passed Middleton church. Surprisingly the church was open so we took the opportunity to have a very brief look inside (bitterly cold), to discover an engineer attempting to fix its broken boiler. Church services are scheduled to begin again soon, after a year of inactivity I suppose it isn’t surprising that the heating isn’t working.

At home we have run out of logs, so during the afternoon, I used my chainsaw to cut up some large branches that had broken off the trees running along the driveway on the other side of the Welland. We now have enough wood to see us through the cold spell forecast for the end of the week. As I was finishing the task, Charlotte arrived to pick up Ellis’s pocket money and drop off Joey’s Easter Egg. 

Like many in the country, at 6 pm Sue and I placed a small lit candle on our doorstep to remember those who have died from Covid-19 over the past year.

24/03/21 UK Deaths: 98. Harborough Infected: 85. The UK and the EU have said they are working on steps to create a “win-win situation” over vaccine supplies. 

A pleasantly warm day saw the morning spent on cutting up the logs gathered yesterday and the afternoon potting on more tomato plants and giving the lawns their first cut of the year.

25/03/21 UK Deaths: 63. Harborough Infected: 91

The Dashcam bought at Christmas which broke within a week was returned to Argos today and an upgraded model was purchased. I hope this one lasts longer than the first!

cartoon-dog-wearing-protective-mask-against-corona-virus-vector-illustration-181437090Sue took Lynne to buy a new TV from Curry’s in Kettering, but annoyingly the store is only open for collections not for purchases, that has to be done online. They cut their losses by visiting B&M to do a spot of grocery shopping.

26/03/21 UK Deaths: 70. Harborough Infected: 90The Crufts 2021 dog show has been cancelled for the first time in more than 60 years due to “ongoing uncertainty” from the corona-virus pandemic. Are they barking mad?

164799154_1179478889166618_7367448252892148097_n163427250_303481977793136_211540360710838648_n27/03/21 UK Deaths: 58. Harborough Infected: 89.
Spring is certainly here when our resident male pheasant brings a mate with him for breakfast and Charlotte spends her breakfast watching the sheep in the field at the back of the house having their lambs.

164605179_2807813626140642_4298798082168996670_n28/03/21 UK Deaths: 19. Harborough Infected: 96More than 30 million people in the UK have now had a first COVID vaccine dose. Lorry drivers arriving in England from outside the UK will be required to take a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of arrival. 

165491852_777605186466812_1681429946429185349_nLee found his welding skills coming in handy when he was working on the van.

As neither Lynne nor Paddy has a computer, yesterday Lynne came around to order a TV online and today I picked it up from Sainsbury’s and then installed it for them. I spent the rest of my day watching sport; Tigers beat Newcastle and England beat Albania. 

The Rothwell’s have put their house up for sale. The estate agents photos look fabulous and I guess it won’t be long before it is sold. It won’t be easy finding somewhere else with such wonderful rear views over brook and sheep fields.


Ellis and tyre slide.




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