Waiting, waiting, waiting ………

As the title suggests we are still waiting for Charlotte’s baby boy to arrive. The weather has been variable since the last blog, there have been no cooling-off dips in the pool and quite a few days have been spent watching the garden soak up much-needed moisture from frequent showers. However, the family has managed to keep busy, while in ‘baby’ limbo we have been occupying ourselves doing those necessary day-to-day jobs which only develop into something major if ignored.

Pregnancy News: Charlotte is even bigger, carrying what we guess will be an 8lb baby. Only a photo would be evidence of how the human body can achieve elephantine proportions, but without a wide-angle lens, I probably could only frame the belly button. She always feels tired now, every task takes so much effort and the birth can’t come soon enough. The baby has been named Ellis and is due on Wednesday, if he doesn’t put in an appearance by then, he will be induced.  Through lack of sleep, Suraj too looks exhausted, I think he could do with a spell in the hospital to recover. Sleepless nights have not been from the worry of having a baby (he’s been there before), but from sleeping in a rapidly reducing space next to a burgeoning Charlotte. He has described it as being next to a hippo that waddles regularly to the loo for a dip in the river throughout the night. I remember those times and thank heaven that we had a spare bedroom for me to grab some rest!

House Hunting News: Sue appears to have taken on board the role of Chief Property Assessor and scans the papers and internet for properties that have come onto the market. As soon as she spots one, a text is fired off to Charlotte. The whole Newark clan came down the last weekend to scour the area for fresh houses up for sale. They were very efficient; viewing appointments had been organised and a list of desirable criteria devised. On their way to Harborough, Suraj made a detour via Thrapston to drop off an application for a job with Northamptonshire  Council. We looked after Lucas while Suraj and Charlotte toured properties in the southern half of Leicestershire and the northern part of Northamptonshire.

While out house hunting on Sunday, they rang us to go and look at a house and give them our thoughts. The appointment was for 1.30 pm, but at 12.30 pm I received another call asking if I could pick Charlotte up as mysteriously their car keys had been locked inside its boot while they had been viewing a house. Sue wrote the address down and I set off into the car, setting the SatNav to the location indicated.  As I passed through Kettering I began to suspect that I was heading in the wrong direction, to check I reset the SatNav to the postcode and discovered I should have been making my way to Rushton and not Rushden. There Is a Midland Road in BOTH places! I rang Charlotte to confirm and then retraced my steps. I arrived as the AA man was scratching his head at the back of their car. BMWs are very difficult to break into, especially the boot. I collected Charlotte and drove to the property they were considering. It wasn’t long before Suraj arrived, It seems they had to rewire the car electrics to gain access to the boot. We viewed the house, it had a lot of rooms and a very large garden and appeared in good condition. I think they are keen on it.

They have now put their own house on the market and later this week it will be advertised.

DIY News: I drove to Nan’s last week and replaced a small side window at the side of the house whose frame had rotted. While I was there the forecast weather was for thunderstorms and floods. Luckily, the rest of Yorkshire drowned, but thankfully Thurcroft remained dry. On my return to Harborough, I collected Sarah from Newark, she was keeping Charlotte company and had an interview at a local retailer in the town (‘Saver’s) for a holiday job. Nan declined to come south with me as the weather was not good. Sarah got the job.

The rugby Club had a Maintenance Day last Saturday and I went and helped paint a couple of windows and a door. Disappointingly, in the afternoon there was a BBQ with free beer for those that helped, but, due to too much imbibing of both food and beer the previous night at a corporate freebie at Leicester Tigers in a National 7’s Competition, also with free food and a bar from 5.30 – 11.00 pm, I chose to protect my stomach and liver and passed.

Yesterday, I travelled to Charlotte’s to do a spot of DIY  in their kitchen (scraping and painting). I also collected Sarah who had returned during the week as she has a blood test on Monday and a driving lesson on Tuesday. It was decided that as the birth was close, Lucas should return with us. On the way home I added to my carload by making a detour to Cotgrave to pick up Lee, who was going to stay for a few days.

This week I replaced two security lights on the outside of the house which had broken during the winter and then repaired a chair that Sue had fallen off and broken.

Miscellaneous News:  I have played tennis twice this last fortnight, when I used to play 3 or 4 times a week, only managing one set on each occasion. Regrettably, I also suffered for it the following day! However, I did manage a pleasant walk from Ashley to Rockingham, along the disused railway line that went to Peterborough with Roger Woolnough and Jim Hankers. It was a lovely warm day and we had lunch in the Sonde Arms.

Jamie informs me that he is going to start saving money ‘big time’ is opening another ISA (cash), and will probably buy saving bonds. It appears he has been talking to the guys at work and they have suggested he starts saving for his future, rather than spend all of his money on his car. We shall see.

After building a rough nest of twigs in our apple tree, our recently adopted pigeons have decided to make yet another nest on the opposite side of the tree. ‘Cooey’ has now laid two eggs and is busy sitting on them. I am not sure what was wrong with the first nest as they appear identical, but from the new, they can see into the kitchen! David and Genya are returning from Bulgaria next week to attend Genya’s daughter’s wedding, They will be staying a couple of weeks before returning.

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