There’s snow business like snow business!

Surprisingly, it’s only been 10 days since I wrote the last blogg. The sun made an appearance to day and encouraged me to tidy up the garden detritus and then chop a great big pile of logs, in readiness for come more cold weather that the has been predicted. The snow has now gone (except for the remnants of an igloo on the patio that Jamie and Harley built last week, the thaw has also encouraged the river to wake up and is now a raging torrent. It hasn’t broken over the lower bank for around 4 years now and it hasn’t this time. However, it doesn’t stop Sue from fretting that it will one day.

A lot of friends have been saying that they have had enough of the snow and are longing for a bit of warmth. I must admit I am sorry that it has gone, it pretties up a drab winter and it makes every outdoor task, just that little bit more interesting. I am so glad that I spent a great deal of the summer months collecting logs, a cheery fire makes a perfect evening for dozing in front of the TV when there is not a lot on. I just need to train the other members of the family to fetch the logs when the basket gets low.

Last week I decided to make ‘Leek au Gratin’. The ground was so hard that persuading the leeks to relinquish their hold on mother earth turned what I thought was going to be a 2 minute harvesting activity, into a ligament breaking, finger freezing, leek snapping unpleasant task (I did say that snow made things more interesting). However, the resulting dish tasted heavenly. You will have to take my word for it as I finished it all off. It is now officially one of my favourite top 10 dishes. I think that like so many things in life, the harder you have to work for it the more you appreciate it. I have decided, that if I go to Italy again this year, I shall make it for Joan and Phill (vegetarians) as a surprise, assuming of course that they have leeks in Italy.

Sarah has been busy with her ‘AS’ Levels. It has been a worrying time, especially with the snow threatening to close schools and taking 4 ‘A’ levels is a lot of revision! She has been ever so sensible and made a lot of social sacrifices to sit in my study night after night and read through her notes and make new ones. Sitting down and testing her has certainly convinced me that the Media are procreating a lie when they say that the examinations are being dumbed down (it is the sort of negative reporting that sells newspapers, but not in this household!) It seems to me that much of the old ‘O’ level material has been shoved down into the Primary  sector, the old ‘A’ level has been shoved into the GCSE’s and a great deal of the Degree course work now resides in the ‘A’ levels!!!!! On Friday, as a treat for surviving a gruelling timetable I took her and Jamie for a KFC and then to see ‘3D Avatar’. What a brilliant experience. What a brilliant film. I actually dodged out of my seat to avoid a rock that came hurling towards me during an explosion! And, I saw Sarah trying to pick  some tendrilly plants out of the air that were floating around us. It is surely the future of film making. On Saturday she travelled to Nottingham to see Lee and came back this morning.

Jamie starts his new job tomorrow. He had an interview about a month ago in Kettering at a company owned by Harley’s Dad, he starts at 6am along with another guy that has been taken on. As yet, his new car is not insured until the end of the month so Sue is going to take him to work. The hours are long, 6 while 6, but I think he is glad that at last he is going to earn some money. Last week he was thinking of doing voluntary work and had started to write some applications, so I am glad this opportunity has arrived. It is quite soul destroying for the youth of the country and I can’t see an end to it as a lot of my friends are in business and work is very hard to come by. I see the Bankers are still getting their bonuses, it makes you spit.

Sue as been hoping to be called into school for some supply work, but so far the phone has been quiet since Christmas. However, the house is very tidy and she appears to be up to date with all the washing etc. She has seen the Doctor over the headaches she occasionally suffers from. He thinks it might be Diabetes, but the test results say that it isn’t and she doesn’t think so either. She had a very long conversation with Shiela (a family friend in Tenbury Wells) the other day. The snow was very bad there and she hadn’t been able to get out of the house for a few days and had decided to ring Sue. Sue is planning to visit her in the summer.

I have done a couple of supply days at Farndon Fields since Christmas. I had to teach French to Keystage 2 on one day, all day! I don’t speak the language and I hate the French! However, it was a laugh and I shall say no more about that. I have been booked to take Year 4 next Thursday morning, it will be an interesting session as the School is being OFSTED’d on Tuesday and Wednesday. I shall look forward to seeing the result. As the weather has been so bad for sport, Harborough Rugby Club has not had any matches to watch and I haven’t been called to Referee. But I have been to see Leicester Tigers against Wasps (last week) and Viadana (yesterday). I went into Leicester on the train with a friend who is a season ticket holder and the weather was too cold for his wife, so I had her ticket. However, walking to the station, my knee went TWANG. I went to see the Doc about it on Thursday, and he suggested an operation, but we decided I was going to do that as I didn’t fancy 3 months on my back. Aren’t I brave?

Nan is keeping warm. I filled in her passport application form today, so that she can go and see David in Bulgaria. She is still using her batmobile to get about the village, even with all the snow about (she is obviously going a little mad). I have been ringing her each day while the weather is so bad. She is really quite an expert on sport, and much of what she wants to talk about is very wide ranging. I can’t keep up with her and try to change the subject to something I know about (rugby).

The Newarks are fine, and appear to be ALL healthy at the same time. CHARLOTTE. CHARLOTTE. CHARLOTTE. I suspect that Charlotte uses a search facility to find how many times I write about her, so she should be happy that she has been mentioned four times now. And I should also say she is pregnant, and that makes five.


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