In response to a judgement against the writer of the previous blog, the management would like to apologise to any party mentioned in the blog who feel that their details are incorrect. The management make every effort to check the validity of writing and try to ensure consistency of quality by taking Omega 3 and other fish oil products on a daily basis. However, our sister company (SpecSavers), would like to point out that this error was not a fault of theirs or a failure on the part of one of their products, and the judgement was not found against them (on this ocazion).

Again, the management would like to express their deepest regrets and address the situation by publishing the true and correct details:

* The correct spelling of ‘historectomy’ is hysterectomy.

* Susan’s date of operation is on the 25th of August in Kettering Hospital and not on the 22nd of August as previously stated.

* Philippa lives in Devon and not Cornwall.

* Charlotte, Sarah and Claire did not spend a week in my study (as misconstrued by the supporting photographs), but did fly to Majorca and spent the week annoying the hotel manager.

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  1. chris says:

    Glad you put that right. You could have been sued for misrepresentation and false reporting.Chris

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